Radio Drama Revival: The Salmon Of Blackpool Spawning Greatness

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Radio Drama RevivalRadio Drama Revival, has now completed podcasting another Crazy Dog Audio Theatre program in its entirety. This program aired on RTE Radio back in August.

The absolutely flooring The Salmon Of Blackpool is a four episode tale of a Hollywood screenwriter and his self-destructive subject. It is a magical achievement – on par with Infidel. The artistry and artists that created Salmon worked together to conjure what can only be described as transformative audio. Absent are any trappings of the fantastic – but what the program reveals is an unfettered drama capped by an unrelenting moral horror. Salmon explores that noir interzone between life’s meaning and life itself. In a final irony Salmon turns its own harsh gaze upon itself, there are no laughs, no remittances, no washing away of the melancholy – simply, the tale, and its central figures, grab ahold of what little ethic they can in an uncaring sea of human selfishness. Salmon won’t make you happy, it will instead shatter illusions and drain you and with its honesty. The Salmon Of Blackpool is what makes radio drama truly a great art form.

The Salmon Of Blackpool
By Roger Gregg; Performed by a full cast
4 MP3s -Approx. 100 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA]
Part 1 |MP3| Part 2 |MP3| Part 3 |MP3| Part 4 |MP3|

And be sure to listen for next week’s show, which will include an interview with Roger Gregg.

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Posted by Jesse Willis

4 thoughts to “Radio Drama Revival: The Salmon Of Blackpool Spawning Greatness”

  1. Jesse… Wow, thanks for the sensational review! Glad to hear that “Salmon of Blackpool” is finding its worthy audience… I was completely floored the first time I heard it even after having been impressed by all of Gregg’s earlier work. “Salmon” is drama of the type that you just wished was being produced more often in audio, the kind of stuff that would bring audio back to the masses if it only got further out there!

    At least, for those of us who enjoy GOOD stories.

    Definitely check out the interview this week to hear about the fun back-story from Roger himself, as well as some (rather bleak) commentary on the state of audio drama in general today:

    Thanks again!

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