a torrent portal for BBC Radio

SFFaudio News is a torrent portal specifically devoted to spoken-word radio. The site deals primarily with content from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Radio) but also dips into spoken-word material from other public radio networks. One thing for seeders to remember, “ONLY ACCEPTS AUDIO MATERIAL WHICH HAS BEEN DERIVED FROM FREE-TO-AIR BROADCASTS VIA ANALOGUE RADIO / DIGITAL RADIO / DIGITAL TV / INTERNET STREAMING.” Those seeders who post audio from retail products will be banned from the site.

Some current torrents in the “Audiobook – SciFi & Fantasy” section included:

H.G. Wells – Sea Raiders
Isaac Asimov – Gimmicks Three and Light Verse
CS Lewis – Perelandra
Summertime on Icarus – Arthur C Clarke
The Green Hills of Earth – Robert A Heinlein
Ordeal in Space – Robert A Heinlein
2001: A Space Odyssey – Arthur C Clarke
Wee Free Men – Terry Pratchett
Methuselah’s Children – Robert Heinlein
Soldier – Harlan Ellison
The Last Days of Shandakor – Leigh Brackett
Jokester – Isaac Asimov
Arthur C. Clarke – The Parasite
Arthur C. Clarke – All the Time in the World
Brian Aldiss – Man in His Time
Burning Chrome – William Gibson
Brian Aldiss – Song of the Silencer
John Wyndham – Survival
Pattern Recognition – William Gibson
I Am Legend – Richard Matheson
We Can Remember It for You Wholesale – Philip K. Dick

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2 thoughts to “ a torrent portal for BBC Radio”

  1. I think that SFFAudio and RACC have some shared common goals and interests in promoting the spokenword format as an exciting and viable way of supporting ‘spoken-word radio’ material in the dash for HDVideo which threatens to leave a lot of radio material unusuable just because there is no video to look at.

    We should hook up and try to be something which is greater thsn the sum of our parts.

    What say you?


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