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We’ve received some titles from Scott Brick Presents!, where Scott Brick himself is producing and publishing some of his favorite titles.

Sword of the Lamb by M.K. WrenSword of the Lamb
By M.K. Wren; Read by Scott Brick
Publisher: Scott Brick Presents
Published: 2008

Brick calls The Phoenix Legacy “the best series you’ve never heard of”. Sword of the Lamb is the first volume, and also ready for you are Shadow of the Swan and House of the Wolf. You can read (or listen to) Scott Brick’s blog entry about the series, or here’s a less eloquent description:

In the 33rd century, a dazzling empire is poised on the brink of annihilation… Born into the House of DeKoven Woolf, Lord Alexand is heir to a mighty industrial empire. But deep at the heart of the Concord brews dangerous unrest that threatens civilization with the specter of a third dark age.

The only hope for the future is the Society of the Phoenix—a powerful revolutionary group that has sworn to overthrow the Concord. By committing to the ultimate treason and joining forces with his own brother, martyred leader of the Phoenix, Alexand will forfeit more than just his birthright of power.
Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R. DonaldsonLord Foul’s Bane
The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, BOOK ONE
By Stephen R. Donaldson; Read by Scott Brick
Publisher: Scott Brick Presents
Published: 2008

This is the first novel published by Scott Brick Presents, and Scott tells you why the series means much to him on his blog. Also for sale are Book 2 (The Illearth War) and Book 8 (Fatal Revenant), with Book 3 (The Power That Preserves) in the wings, awaiting its cue.
Frankenstein by Mary ShelleyFrankenstein
By Mary Shelley, Read by Scott Brick
Publisher: Scott Brick Presents
Published: 2009

Scott reads this version of Frankenstein, from the original 1818 text. Why? He talks about it in his blog.

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