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A short audiobook of autobiographical essays…

MACMILLAN AUDIO - Suck It Wonder Woman by Olivia Munn and Mac MontandonSuck It, Wonder Woman: The Misadventures Of A Hollywood Geek
By Olivia Munn and Mac Montandon; Read by Olivia Munn
4 CDs – Approx. 5 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Puiblisher: Macmillan Audio
Published: July 2010
ISBN: 9781427209825
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Today’s hottest geek and host of G4’s ATTACK OF THE SHOW dishes her unique brand of humor of on everything from Star Wars, gadgets, and her love of banana cream pie. Olivia Munn is an actress, comedian and television host, best known for being the face of the G4 network. She also occasionally likes to get dressed up as Wonder Woman. SUCK IT WONDER WOMAN is her paean to Geeks everywhere. Using her trademark humor in essays like THOUGHTS ABOUT MY FIRST AGENT’S GIRLFRIEND’S VAGINA she skewers what it’s like to live in Hollywood. In “SEX: WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP YOURSELF HAVE MORE OF IT” she frankly gets down to the business of getting it on. In “WHAT TO DO WHEN THE ROBOTS INVADE (YES, WHEN!),” Olivia offers valuable information on… what to do when the robots invade! And just when you thought she couldn’t get any more Geeky, she can. This book also includes an Olivia Munn timeline of great moments in Geek history and her answers to the Unofficial Geek FAQ. Is it any wonder that Olivia Munn is quickly becoming the most powerful Geek on the planet? SUCK IT WONDER WOMAN is a humorous look at geeks, gadgets, Hollywood, and huge heapings of banana cream pie.

Here’s one of the Science Fiction entries in Galaxy Audio’s Golden Age Stories collection…

GALAXY AUDIO - A Matter Of Matter by L. Ron HubbardA Matter Of Matter
By L. Ron Hubbard; Performed by Josh R. Thompson and a “multicast”
2 CDs – Approx. 2 Hours 18 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Galaxy Audio
Published: June 2010
ISBN: 9781592122394
Meet Chuck Lambert, who, though not exactly a fool, is guilty of letting his imagination get the best of his wits. That’s because our young, naive Lambert wants his own planet. But rather than purchase one legally from the Interior Department of the Outer Galactic Control, he soon succumbs to the flashy advertising of an unsavory galactic swindler named Madman Murphy—the purported King of Planetary Realtors. What Madman is the king of, is selling the unwary a planet that isn’t quite right, a planet where one can’t sit down because there’s something the matter with its matter. And that’s exactly what becomes the matter for our unlucky voyager, after Chuck toils for eleven grueling years to scrape together enough money to finally buy a planet of his own.
ALSO INCLUDES:The Conroy Diary,” “The Planet Makers” and “The Obsolete Weapon

Exciting author, boring cover, I’d like to see a Borges cover done by an SF artist…

PENGUIN AUDIO - Jorge Luis Borges: Collected FictionsJorge Luis Borges: Collected Fictions
By Jorge Luis Borges; Translated by Andrew Hurley; Read by George Guidall
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Published: July 2010
ISBN: 9780142428085
Jorge Luis Borges has been called the greatest Spanish-language writer of our century. Now, for the first time in English, all of Borges’ dazzling fictions are gathered into a single volume, brilliantly translated by Andrew Hurley. From his 1935 debut with “The Universal History of Iniquity“, through his immensely influential collections Ficciones and The Aleph, these enigmatic, elaborate, imaginative inventions display Borges’ talent for turning fiction on its head by playing with form and genre and toying with language. Together, these incomparable works comprise the perfect one-volume compendium for all those who have long loved Borges – and a superb introduction to the master’s work for those who have yet to discover this singular genius.

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