Recent Arrivals: Mars Needs Books by Gary Livosi

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We talked about it on the podcast, and now it’s here!

Audible - Mars Needs Books! by Gary Livosi

Exclusively available from Audible, it’s Mars Needs Books! by Gary Lovisi (narrated by Jeff Brick).

In the not-so-distant future, men have come to Mars to escape the oppressive Earth government. Ryan is an agent for a super-secret government agency, the Department of Control (DOC), and has always been willing to do whatever his masters want of him. But on Mars, everything is different, and all that Ryan does is read books: hardboiled, noir crime paperbacks dating from the last century. In fact, such works are read and collected by everyone on Mars, even serving as a medium of exchange. Why? Is there some secret DOC plot involved? Or has Ryan conjured up a literary fantasy in his own guilt-twisted mind? Maybe he’s still confined in a prison cell back on Earth, reading a science-fiction novel called Mars Needs Books! As Ryan probes deeper and deeper into the mystery, he comes to understand just one thing: he must uncover the truth!

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One thought to “Recent Arrivals: Mars Needs Books by Gary Livosi”

  1. Hi Gary. I met you at convention in Manhattan about 5 years ago. You sold me your own copy of your book on Girlie book art because they had all been sold. I have original artwork of paperback book cover art work. Please contact me and let me know if you know of anyone who would be interested. They belonged to my brother, Michael Burgujian, that you more than likely had met who is now deceased.
    My number is (631) 427-1405.


    Linda Morizio

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