Review of Brad Lansky and the Lazy Eight

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Brad Lansky and the Lazy Eight
1 hour 40 minutes – [AUDIO DRAMA]
Publisher: Protophonic
Published: 2023

Get those headphones ready because a new installment of the Brad Lansky series is out, and that’s great news! Brad Lansky and the Lazy Eight is another aural feast in the Brad Lansky series, and is a great follow-up to Brad Lansky and the Result War.

I’ve reviewed a few of the episodes of the series, but can’t help prattling on again about the unique aural experience that these productions deliver. The episodes are immersive, atmospheric, and rich. I find myself listening multiple times, letting the sound evoke images in my mind. The listener’s imagination is a full participant in these shows. Use a good pair of headphones!

J.D. Venne, the author of the episode, considers this proposition: “If you were in a simulation, and you only had basic tools at your disposal, how could you go about proving it?” I can’t think of a better medium to explore this question than the Brad Lansky universe.

For those that haven’t listened before, the Lansky universe is rich with interplantary space travel, AI ships, and augmented humans. In this episode, we find Lansky (played by Dieter Zimmerman) in prison on Titan, while Scotti and Brinn realize that they can no longer sense his existence. The Supreme Court issues a warrant for Lansky due to previous events. The plot unfolds from there.

So this installment is great news indeed. And it looks like more good news, as Protophonic is promising more to come!

You can find audio samples |HERE|

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