Review of Podcaster 3.7.3 (iTunes App)

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PodcasterPodcaster (iTunes App)
OS Environment: Apple iPhone / Apple iPod Touch / Apple iPad
Manufacturer: Alex Sokirynsky
Version: 3.73

“Over the Air” podcast manager.  Subscript, download and play audio & video podcasts without having to sync with a computer.

Here’s the app that I use to download podcasts to my iphone/ipod/ipad.  You can keep track of all your subscriptions, unlike in the iTunes app on the phone.  It can download an over 10-meg podcast over the 3g phone network, if you wanted to.  It can use the Apple ‘push’ technology to notify you when a new episode is up;  but if you want to keep an eye on over 10 different podcasts, it costs extra.  You can download ‘in the background’ and switch to other apps, although there’s a 10 minute limit (set by Apple?).  Often, I hit refresh on the ‘Favorites’ screen, hit start in the ‘Downloads’ screen, and then go to the ‘Unplayed Downloads’ playlist to play them.  Here’s a link to an opml file backup of the 10 podcasts I normally listen to (they’re all somewhat sff related).  You can copy & import this url in the Podcaster app ‘Directory’ screen, and edit out the ones you don’t want.  (The io9 one is Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, and tDP/C2C is Dragon Page, Cover to Cover)


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2 thoughts to “Review of Podcaster 3.7.3 (iTunes App)”

  1. I’ve been using this for a couple of months, and I honestly don’t know how I ever did without it. It’s the most used app on my iTouch, and more worth the money than any other app I’ve bought.
    I only have two small complaints: 1) the refresh hangs up every time on Keith and the Girl for some reason, and 2) I cannot get it to import the feed for 19 Nocturne Blvd. in any way, not even by entering the URL manually.
    Other than that, it’s a must for anyone who enjoys listening to podcasts.

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