Review of Slasher by F. Paul Wilson

Aural Noir: Review

Grist Mill - SlasherThe Grist Mill: “Slasher”
By F. Paul Wilson; Performed by a Full Cast
Audio Download – 1/2 hour – [AUDIO DRAMA]
Publisher: STH Productions
Published: 2008

A man loses his daughter to a killer. At the funeral, he is approached by an FBI agent who keeps him up to date on the investigation. When the investigation doesn’t go the way the man wants it to… well, I can say no more. This audio drama is definitely worth 30 minutes of your time, if only to experience the ending.

Sound effects are used in a professional manner and the acting is pretty good. The only thing that turned me off about this drama is a bit of jarring piano music that is used at a couple of points in the story – it wasn’t appropriate for the mood.

This is my first experience listening to an F. Paul Wilson story, and my first experience hearing an audio drama from The Grist Mill – I look forward to hearing stuff from both again.

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  1. Just finished listening myself. I agree completely. The music didn’t fit but the acting, production and script were very solid.

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