Review of The Grist Mill: God of the Razor and If You Take My Hand, My Son

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Grist Mill - God of the RazorThe Grist Mill: “The God of the Razor” and “If You Take My Hand, My Son”
By Joe R. Lansdale and Mort Castle; Performed by a Full Cast
1 CD – 1 hour – [AUDIO DRAMA]
Publisher: STH Productions
Published: 2008
Themes: / Horror / Gods / Razors / Fathers / Afterlife /

A cloud across the moon can change the entire face of the night. It changes the way some people change their clothes… the way women change their hair.
— “God of the Razor”, Joe R. Lansdale

This CD contains two episodes from The Grist Mill audio drama series. The first is Joe R. Lansdale’s God of the Razor, which finds the protagonist confronting a weird guy in an empty house who talks about moons and clouds and eyes on his razor. (Note to self: if a weird guy mentions the word “razor”, it’s time to go, regardless of whether or not he sees eyes on them.) Like it says on the box, this one’s not for the squeamish.

Next is Mort Castle’s If You Take My Hand, My Son, which is a wrenching tale of a man who, after an accident, sees his father, who he had had a terrible time with when he lived. Is the man’s urge to reconcile with his father stronger than his will to live?

The audio drama is first rate – excellent actors, great sound, and two stories that are well worth hearing. So, if you are looking for a chill this Halloween, this collection would be an excellent choice.

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