Robert E. Howard’s Queen Of The Black Coast as a FREE AUDIO DRAMA

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AUDIO DRAMA - Robert E. Howard’s Queen Of The Black Coast

Broken Sea Audio Productions, the folks who brought you such original audio dramas as Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter and Grog and Gryphon, have finished adapting their audio dramatization of Robert E. Howard’s Queen Of The Black Coast. Now, the true age of Conan can begin!

Queen Of The Black Coast by Robert E. Howard AUDIO DRAMAQueen Of The Black Coast
Adapted from the story by Robert E. Howard
Performed by a full cast
Podcast – [AUDIO DRAMA]
Podcaster: Broken Sea Audio Productions
Podcast: June 2008 – ????

Episode #1: |MP3|

Into the seaport town Messantia, of the southern Hyborian kingdom of ARGUS, the road of Kings led the twenty four year old Cimmerian barbarian- CONAN. Having gotten crossways with the local justice system over a friend of his and the death of a guardsman, Conan took the law into his own hands with his mighty broadsword. The guardsmen were not pleased by his northern Cimmerian ideas of justice, so CONAN “borrowed” a horse from the courts and fled looking for a ship. The mercenary ship- The ARGUS, just so happened to be putting out to sea as CONAN thundered down the pier having just stormed through the market- guardsmen hot on his trail. Will the ship’s captain, TITO, allow the Cimmerian passage, or will the guardsmen fill his back full or arrows first? And what of the legendary She-Devil Pirate Queen of the Black Coast? Join the adventure and find out- BY CROM!

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