Robert J. Sawyer reads Chapter 1 of Wake

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Wake by Robert J. SawyerRobert J. Sawyer has released the first chapter |MP3| of his forthcoming novel Wake.

I like Rob’s books, but I’m glad he’s not going to be the audiobook’s narrator. His reading is way too fast, and the nuance he puts into each sentence feels like overacting, and the protagonist is a 15 year old girl.

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One thought to “Robert J. Sawyer reads Chapter 1 of Wake

  1. Steve Feldberg of says:

    “Audible will be doing the audio [for WAKE], to be released on Apr. 7 concurrent with the book.

    Rob will be providing an introduction – but he also has a cameo role in the audio; his fans will have to listen to find out what it is!”

    I guess this will be a multi-cast production then hey?

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