SFBRP #138: Review of The Sword Of The Lictor by Gene Wolfe

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The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast Luke Burrage is doing something very cute with his latest podcast, it’s a review of The Sword Of The Lictor (Book 3 in the “Book of the New Sun” series). Did he mention he’d had sex with his girlfriend last night? … Yes, he did. … Then I thought, “Hey?! What happened to the standard Luke intro?” And, “What’s with all the mentioning of his having had sex with his girlfriend last night?”

Is Luke being random?

Or is this something a little deeper?

I began laughing about half-way through when I think I twigged to what he was pointing at. Luke’s having some metafun.


I don’t want to spoil it too much, but I thought it was delightful. He drops some random things in there, playing with our expectations – all without spoiling it too much. He’s telling his own story, the review is flawed in some ways, but you actually start seeing a bit of his genius in a way. I thought I knew where the review was going but by the end of the podcast I must admit that he is way cleverer than I am. It’s a classic (review). Don’t blame me if you don’t stick with it.

That all said, do not make this your first SFBRP podcast – start elsewhere.

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