SFFaudio RSS-only Readers Take Note


Meta SFFaudioThe RSS-only readers of SFFaudio might not be aware that we are more than just a daily news and reviews source. So for your edu-musement we present…

The Top 5 Things SFFaudio’s RSS-only Subscribers Miss:

1. Review Archives – We archive reviews for all-time. Just because it didn’t come out last week doesn’t mean it isn’t worth reading about today.

2. Features Section – Read archived interviews, publisher information and author profiles, and other features. One particularily useful feature is to browse audio editions of Hugo award winning fiction.

3. Online Audio Page – Check out our page of easily navigable links to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror related podcasts, online radio shows, podcast novels, and more online audio goodness.

4. Browse Archived News – SFFaudio has posted more than 500 entires since 2003!

5. Post Comments – Every post we make is commentable. Got any snappy comebacks? Think we’re off our rockers? Let us know.

Check out the site for yourself right HERE.

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