News: Riot Ad Network Closing

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Riot New MediaThe Riot Ad Network, a division of Riot New Media, is closing shop and will no longer be operating after September 2017.

Riot Ad Network has provided website ads in competition with Google AdSense since at least 2013. uses both Google AdSense ads and Riot Ad ads to generate revenue to cover hosting costs (Riot Ad Network ads have been in place on since the Fall of 2013).

Riot Ad revenue payments started promisingly, beginning with $138.54 USD for November 2013 impressions but ended with $17.89 USD for May 2017 (the most recent payment).

From an email:

Riot New Media Group will be discontinuing the Riot Ad Network as of September 30, 2017.

The economics of a niche display ad network are challenging and have eroded further over the past year. It is time for us to exit this business.

Thank you for being part of the Riot Ad Network.

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The spinoffs of The SFFaudio Podcast (and the shadowy origins of the show itself)

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Listening to podcasts, as I have since almost the very beginning of the medium, I’ve noticed that, like old network TV shows spinoffs happen.

Though itself predates the start of podcasts it was itself inspired by a TV show (TV Ontario’s Prisoner’s Of Gravity). But as for The SFFaudio Podcast itself, well, as I recall it, the most direct inspiration for the format of the first episodes of The SFFaudio Podcast was a show called Dragon Page: Wingin’ It with Michael and Evo (itself a spinoff of the long running Dragon Page podcast).

That show, incidentally, though long defunct also spun-off, Mur Lafferty’s long running I Should Be Writing podcast.

Later episodes take more inspiration from a show called Forgotten Classics.

And, subsequently, The SFFaudio Podcast has spun off, one with Julie Davis of Forgotten Classics, a couple of other podcasts (taking with them’s co-founder Scott D. Danielson):

Reading Envy with Jenny Colvin and Scott D. Danielson
A Good Story Is Hard To Find with Julie Davis and Scott D. Danielson

Perhaps the biggest fan of The SFFaudio Podcast fan, Mirko Stauch, has spun-off a German language show called Arkham Insiders.

Here’s a chart showing some of the connections:

The SFFaudio Podcast Family Tree

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Thank You: AdSense $$ for January February 2013

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Google Adsense January February 2013

Thank You SFFaudio’s income for the months of January and February 2012 was $131.64. Recently arrived this latest dispatch from Google’s advertising division is much appreciated. Thanks folks!

As for the accounting…

Well, $45.48 (plus change) goes to mailing of various audiobooks (Thanks Jenny!).

I spent $25.35 (plus change) on some excellent LEGO pieces from

I think I’ll bank the rest. There’s going to be expenses. I just can’t predict how they’ll go.

Thanks very much people.

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Thank You: AdSense $$ for November December 2013

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Google AdSense cheque for November December 2012

Thank You SFFaudio’s income for the months of November and December 2012 was $158.87. The cheque came at a good time, today!

This has been rather an expensive couple of months. The site’s hosting had to be upgraded ($241.41). My microphone needed replacing (I got a Blue Yeti). I sold the site’s only official iPad (I think Jenny’s is only semi-official) and I replaced it with an iPad mini. Further, I shelled out $18.55 for the Dec 1953/Jan 1954 issue of Amazing Stories magazine (it has a public domain Philip K. Dick story in it). And of course I bought quite a bit of Lego.

We thank you for your support.

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Thank You: AdSense $$ for September and October 2012

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Google AdSense Cheque - September/October 2012

Thank YouClicking around on the web actually makes physical stuff happen, at least when the clicks are in the right place. Every couple of months now there’s a piece of paper that arrives in the mail. I figure it’s because some thoughtful person, or cat, pressed on a mouse.

SFFaudio’s income for the months of September and October 2012 was $156.77.

We thank you for your support.

Posted by Jesse Willis