Signed Neil Gaiman poster up to auction on eBay

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Signed Neil Gaiman THE GRAVEYARD BOOK posterSo after sitting on it for a month, hoping they’d get really nostalgic and want to see it framed, I’ve gone and listed the signed THE GRAVEYARD BOOK on eBay. |HAVE A LOOK|

After initially showing it off around the school my idea was to get it framed or at least laminated so their grubby little paws wouldn’t ruin it. But I was completely outvoted. Perhaps letting the kids vote on what to do with it was too democratic an impulse? Yep. It was a quasi-unanimous vote – with one kid thinking it’d be nice (at first) to have it in the classroom – but eventually the general impetus was to sell-sell-sell-it and split the proceeds among the group (that last part is my interpretation as they all pretty much agreed they each deserved the entire amount for themselves). It’s almost like a class full of Ferengi kids.

My hope is that they’ll at least use some of the $$ that come for buying more books.

If you’re a Gaiman collector with more of a sentimental side than my little ferengis go and bid HERE is the listing (it ends in 10 days).

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  1. Yes, possibly a bad call but seeing that Neil Gaiman himself just twittered a link to the auction, they might make a fortune.

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