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The Sonic SocietyIf you have not been listening to the Sonic Society podcast lately, I suggest you either begin, or head over and catch up if you’ve fallen behind.

Not only has Season One’s host Jack Ward returned, but he brought along a new voice to co-host: the lovely larynx of Shannon Hilchie. If you have no clue who she is, well, that’s ok. You will get to know her right quick. (A hint: she was the voice of Kaylee in the Sonic Cinema fan production of Firefly: Old Wounds.)

The last two episodes have been jam packed with Science Fiction goodness, including an interview with Wesley Clifford of Planet Retcon’s Stargate Café, and the first episode of J. Marcus Xavier’s Silent Universe as their feature presentation. Oh! We also cannot forget the Robotz of the Company series, now in it’s third season.

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