Sounds Like Canada Interview with Robert J. Sawyer

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CBC Radio One - Sounds Like CanadaCBC‘s flagship morning programme, Sounds Like Canada, recently captured an accessible interview with Canada’s foremost SF author Robert J. Sawyer. Here’s how the official program log reads:

Robert Sawyer has won an armload of awards for his science fiction novels including the Nebula and the Hugo. His books often look at the intersection between science and religion and present complicated science and tech ideas in a clear way. His new novel is called, Rollback and it’s the story of a geriatric husband and wife who undergo a rejuvenation procedure. Big ethical questions emerge when the husband’s “rollback” to his mid-twenties is successful but his wife remains eighty-seven. Shelagh speaks with Robert Sawyer in Toronto.

Host, Shelagh Rogers, really knows how to wring goodness from her guests. Sadly, this segment was not included in the “Best of Sounds Like Canada Podcast” for April 25th. So we’ve rectified the situation. You can download the 23 minute interview via our MP3 link.

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