Spock vs. Q: The Sequel by Cecelia Fannon

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Science Fiction Audiobooks - Spock vs Q: The SequelSpock vs. Q: The Sequel
By Cecelia Fannon; Performed by Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie
1 Cassette – Approximately 1 Hour [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Simon And Schuster Audio
Published: 2000
ISBN: 0743507029
Themes: / Star Trek / Humor /

Following their debate over the fate of mankind, Spock and Q have continued their discussions over a meal. After dining, the two return to the stage to recount their repast, which included encounters with several of Spock’s former shipmates. However, at the moment the two verbal sparring partners shake hands, a power surge places them in total darkness. Suddenly, Spock and Q are no longer on stage, but somewhere in deep space. As they struggle to determine what has happened, a curious personality change takes hold. Spock is overcome with giddy delight. Q is much more serious, even…logical.

Originally recorded in Kansas City, MO, in front of a live audience, Spock vs. Q: The Sequel was performed by Nimoy and de Lancie who have a great time sending up their Star Trek characters. It’s a sequel to, you guessed it, Spock Vs. Q. As with the original, this is a very lightweight listen and it is all about the two quirky characters. The plot may be paper thin but the laughs are real. But non-trekkies should shy away, far far away.

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2 thoughts to “Spock vs. Q: The Sequel by Cecelia Fannon”

  1. I just turned on these comments, so here goes!

    I enjoyed both of the Spock vs Q shows, and I agree that they are specifically tailored for Trekkies. Trekkers? Whatever. I would have liked to have been there live!

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