Star Surgeon by Alan E. Nourse – coming soon… just listen

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Prometheus Radio TheatreLibriVoxThe sounds of things to come…


The MP3 above was recorded as a special promo by Scott D. Farquhar of Prometheus Radio Theatre. It looks like the plan is to use it on an upcoming LibriVox community podcast. The novel it is promoting is Alan E. Nourse’s Star Surgeon, one of our SFFaudio Challenge titles. Likely, Star Surgeon is just a few hours (or days) away from being officially catalogued, but I couldn’t wait to tell you after I heard this 5 minute promo. And BTW, we’ve already got a peek at the all new cover art for the official release, so we’re recycling our old art for this post, one last time. It’s sounding great, and looking great, thanks ComposerScott!

Star Surgeon by Alan E. Nourse - COMING SOON

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