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So, the StarShipSofa is one year old and to celebrate we are announcing The Sofanaut Awards! Over the year there’s been some fine stories played on the Sofa – just ask your blogger Jesse!

With the recent 52nd episode of Aural Delights, StarShipSofa has now delivered a year’s worth of poetry, short fiction and fact articles.  What better time than now to hold the first ever StarShipSofa awards: The Sofanauts!

The Sofanauts with recognise listener favourites from the first 52 Aural Delights shows.  You can access all of these shows here.

Nominations for the following categories are now open:

      • Best Flash Fiction
      • Best Main Fiction
      • Best Poetry Contributor
      • Best Fact Article Contributor
      • Best Narrator

You may nominate as many stories and contributors in each of the categories as you like.  To make your nominations, please visit this online voting poll.  Alternatively, you can head over to the StarShipSofa forums and list your favourites in each of the categories.

The top five stories and contributors receiving the most nominations in each category will make up a shortlist.  Every nomination counts, so if someone on the forums has already nominated one of your favourites, you’ll still need to nominate it yourself to give it the best chance of making the shortlist.

You will be able to vote on the shortlist in an upcoming online poll.  Stay tuned to StarShipSofa for further details.

Nominations will be open from the two weeks following Aural Delights #53.

What have been your favourites in a year’s worth of Aural Delights?  Please get involved and have your say.

Aural Delights No 53 Ted Kosmatka mp3

Editorial: Tony C Smith 00:10

Poetry: An Eccentric In Orbit by Laurel Winter 06:00

Flash Fiction: Conspiracy Of Dentists by Jay Lake 07:30

Fact: Movie Talk by Rod Barnett 16:30

The Sofanauts Awards: by Mark Bormann 24:15

Main Fiction: Deadnauts by Ted Kosmatka 28:00

Narrators: Kate Baker, Diane Severson, Paul Caggie  

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