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Star Ship Sofa Podcast Science Fiction MagazineThe StarShipSofa The Audio Science Fiction Magazine, brings this week to the audio table of SF, a fine fare of fruits for your pleasure.

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Main Fiction: Secret Life 32:10

by Jeff VanderMeer

A vision of the building from on high: five glittering floors surrounded by a dull concrete parking lot. To the west lay a forest. To the east, the glint of a shopping mall, substantial as a mirage. To the north, highways and fast food restaurants. To the south, a perpetual gloom through which could be seen only more shadow.


Fouque by Amy Sturgis 11:11

Flash Fiction:

Toujours Voir by David Brin 29:00


Confessions Of A Body Thief by Bruce Boston 02:21


Grant Stone Jim Campanella Julie Davis

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