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Star Ship SofaStarShipSofa has now uploaded the last of the short stories that are up for BSFA Best Short Story 2007. Today is Alastair Reynolds and his story The Sledge-Maker’s Daughter. First published in Interzone #209

She stopped in sight of Twenty Arch Bridge, laying down her bags to rest her hands from the weight of two hogs’ heads and forty pence worth of beeswax candles. While she paused, Kathrin adjusted the drawstring on her hat, tilting the brim to shade her forehead from the sun. Though the air was still cool, there was a fierce new quality to the light that brought out her freckles.

Tony sez “Well that is all the short stories up online that have been nominated for the BSFA Award for Best Short Story 2007. It’s been fun getting them out everyday. Hope you have enjoyed this little diversion from the normal? Join myself and Fred Himebaugh next week as we try and pick the winner.”

If you missed any of the other posts, here are all stories and links to mp3’s:

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One thought to “StarShipSofa and the BSFA”

  1. I’ve listened to two of these so far – “Terminal” by Chaz Brenchley and “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate” by one of my favorite all-time writers, Ted Chiang.

    They were both terrific stories, and they were both well-narrated. Kudos to Tony and his StarShipSofa!

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