StarShipSofa Goes Dickens for the Robinsons!

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The British podcast StarShipSofa is rallying the science fiction/fantasy community around Spider and Jeanne Robinson this Holiday Season with a special book offer.

The online audio magazine has released an original three-episode novella by multiple Bram Stoker Award nominee Lawrence Santoro. StarShipSofa visitors and subscribers alike can hear Santoro reading “Lord Dickens’ Declaration” for free. They may also elect to purchase an ebook of the 23,000 word novella with art by American illustrator Skeet Scienski.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Robinsons to support them during Jeanne’s battle with cancer.

Diagnosed with a rare biliary cancer, the treatments have eaten away at the Robinson’s finances as doctors aggressively fight the to keep the disease from spreading.

Santoro suspended work on another writing project to write and record “Lord Dickens…”. “Over the years, Spider and Jeanne’s work has been a constant on my home shelf and in my memory,” he said. “Giving them a couple months work is small payback. Keep dancing, Jeanne!”

This “Lord Dickens…” ebook will be available for purchase only through December 31st. Priced at 2.99 GBP (about $5 US), the purchaser has an option to donate more in increments of 10, 20, 50, & 100 Pounds.

Said, StarShipSofa editor Tony C. Smith, “Any fan of the Robinson’s can attest to their strength, but we hope that through this time of strife, the science fiction and fantasy community can help them survive through the worst. Thank you for standing with them in their time of need.”

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