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CBC Radio OneGood news everyone! Just announced over on the Inside The CBC blog was a rough summer 2007 outline of programming for CBC Radio one. In the section on CBC drama it was announced that the summer season will include a re-broadcasts of the 2005 comedy Science Fiction series Steve The First, and 2006 follow-up series Steve The Second – both these shows were written and starred Canadia: 2056 star/scribe Matt Watts.

Unfortunately there was no word on the languishing Adventures Of Apocalypse Al, comedy/SF series that was penned by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski. That show was recorded last year but has yet to be broadcast.

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  1. That’s great news, as is the fact they’ll be re-running Afghanda, which was almost over before I knew it was happening… But only the CBC would call something with no dates, times or even months a “schedule”.
    As usual, SFF does a better job of promoting CBC shows than those who are paid to do so… Thanks!

  2. Thanks! :)

    I heard an episode of Afganada and was impressed – but it didn’t get much play on the site here because it is so unrelated to spec fic.

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