Storypod 3.0 launches: And there was much rejoicing

SFFaudio News Podcast - StoryPod 3.0 by James Patrick has just begun their releases of StoryPod 3.0. That’s their subscription podcast featuring stories by James Patrick Kelly. On offer are another 13 stories over 13 weeks. Just a few of the stories on offer in this bunch are Jim’s classic Hugo Award-winning novelette, 10 to the 16th to 1, The Best Christmas Ever, a Hugo nominee and Itsy Bitsy Spider which was nominated for both the Hugo and a Nebula!

Get started with the promisingly titled Proof of the Existence of God!

Jim not only narrates each story, he provides insightful commentary for them too. StoryPod 3.0 subscribers will get a new story, delivered automatically, every Friday. Subscribers who are a bit late to the party need not worry, all the previous stories in the 3.0 series will be delivered too.

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