Streets Of Staccato: Interview with The Zombie Astronaut

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Streets Of StaccatoThe latest episode of Streets Of Staccato podcast, is a short interview with W. Ralph Walters (aka The Zombie Astronaut)!

The mastermind behind SOS is Victor Gates, he asks ZA about the original Zombie Astronaut blog (which was totally awesome by the way) and his inspiration for his terrific podcast spin-off, The Frequency Of Fear (and the FOF-lite). Apparently FOF was inspired by an offhand email by a certain genius named Jesse Willis. Score!

As for Streets Of Staccato podcast, it too is a spin-off, this time of the Frequency Of Fear. SOS features the titular mustachioed douche, Sergeant Staccato, and his crew of fellow cops. Really the show is much like an audio drama version of Sledge Hammer!, a total parody of those “cop on the edge” dramas that started with Dirty Harry. Staccato, though, is more like a cop off the edge, down on t.

The interview also gives us the straight poop about the voice acting phenom named Elie Hirschman, he who voices Sgt. Staccato. Have a listen.


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