Switching ISPs from Shaw to TekSavvy

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ShawTekSavvyCanadians, particularly those in the Vancouver area, may be interested in this post – others not so much.

I’m switching internet service providers.

I’ve had Shaw cable internet for as long as they’ve been in business here. Before that it was Rogers who provided internet access. I only switched when the monopoly in this area was handed over from Rogers to Shaw.

Over the years Shaw has been pretty good. I don’t think they’ve engaged in a lot of the shitty practices I hear many ISPs have.

But, the price has never gone down, and the service hasn’t really improved.

So, when I saw that there was an $3.00 increase scheduled for September 1st, 2012, one without explanation as to how I was getting a better service for it, I decided to look around at the competition.

I think I first heard about Ontario based TekSavvy back in 2010, when the then CEO, Rocky Gaudrault, went on TVO’s Search Engine podcast to talk about usage based billing (here’s that |MP3|).

Gaudrault made a great impression, and I remember thinking that TekSavvy sounded like they were the ideal ISP.

Shortly after beginning my research today I discovered that TekSavvy has started operating in Coquitlam, I gave them a call. They use the same wires as Shaw, but they offer those same wires at a better price and with better download and upload numbers.

Shaw’s “High Speed Internet” for August cost me $58.24 per month (including taxes)

TekSavvy’s “Extreme Cable 25 Unlimited” $50.34 per month (including taxes)

TekSavvy promises numbers about double the download speed and quadruple the upload speed I am currently getting. And it’s cheaper.

Here are the three calls I made today:

First call |MP3| Inquiring To Teksavvy

Second call |MP3| Cancelling Shaw

Third call |MP3| Signing Up With Teksavvy

All three recordings are unedited except for the obfuscation of some non-$$ based numbers.

Here’s all three done up as a YouTube video:

The only downside to today’s switch is the switchover cost. Here’s what I paid out today to switch:

Qty Item Price
1 Shipping – Canada Post $10.00
1 Activation Discount – Rabais d’activation -$20.00
1 DCM475 DOCSIS 3 Modem $99.00
1 TekSavvy Extreme Cable 25 Unlimited / TekSavvy Câble extrême 25 Illimité $44.95
1 Activation Fee – frais d’activation ($79.00) $79.00

Subtotal: $212.95
BC HST : $25.55
Total: $238.50

I’ll let you know how it goes on September 14th, 2012.

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One thought to “Switching ISPs from Shaw to TekSavvy”

  1. hello! yes please do! I would like to know how this is in Coquitlam. I just switched from Telus to Shaw… and now I’ve realized Telus was much faster for me than Shaw is (but their customer service was atrocious).

    I really do not want to go back to Telus, so I would love to hear about how this turned out for you.

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