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From Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix (“the black Rod Serling”) comes:

Here are some story samples:

Republi-CON – paranoia & prejudice |MP3|
VOICE ACTOR: Anthony Pomes

Harlan Speaks! – satire on fantasy writer Harlan Ellison |MP3|
VOICE ACTORS: Anthony Pomes and Brad Phoenix

The DeathSHIP Cometh! – do humans survive? |MP3|
VOICE ACTORS: Kate Smith and Don Pruden Jr.

Do Blind People Dream in Color? – science fiction story |MP3|
VOICE ACTOR: Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix

The Day Music Lived – an Earth ambassador meets an alien |MP3|
VOICE ACTOR: Debbie Starker

Also, Radio Drama Revival has an interview with Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix |MP3|

Posted by Jesse Willis