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BBC 7's The 7th DimensionAired on the weekend, BBC Radio 7, has the first of two parts of an abridged reading of Brian Aldiss’ Nebula Award winning 1965 novelette, Man In His Time. It was was adapted for radio to celebrate his 80th birthday, and is introduced by Aldiss himself. The story is about an interplanetary astronaut, who upon return home is flummoxed to discover that he experiences everything around him on Earth as 3.3077 minutes into everyone else’s future.

Man In His Time by Brian AldissMan In His Time
By Brian Aldiss; Read by Jamie Glover
2 Broadcasts – Approx 60 Minutes [ABRIDGED]
Broadcaster: BBC7 / The 7th Dimension
Broadcast: Sunday Sep 16 & Sunday Sept 23 2007

Use the BBC Player’s ‘listen again’ service to hear part 1 which is online now – and listen for part 2 on this coming Sunday.

BBC7’s The Seventh Dimension has a Brian Aldiss short story!

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BBC 7's The 7th DimensionI missed telling you about a cool tale broadcast last Sunday. Though I have been remiss, all is not lost, you can still listen to this specially commissioned reading through the “Listen Again” service of BBC Radio 7. The story is Song Of The Silencer and it is a “chilling account” of man’s attempt to make order out of chaos by constructing an ‘ultimate machine.’ First Published in 1979. The reader is Nigel Anthony, a winner of both Sony award and Radio Times awards for radio performances.

BBC Radio 7 - Song Of The SilencerSong Of The Silencer
By Brian Aldiss; Read by Nigel Anthony
1 Broadcast – Approx. 30 Minutes [UNABRIDGED?]
Broadcaster: BBC7 / The 7th Dimension
Broadcast: Sunday May 20th, 2007 @ 6.30pm and 12.30am (U.K. Time)
Humanity has built a massive computer out in space simply called the Ultimate Machine, that perfectly mimics the human brain — but some are predicting disaster once it is activated.

BBC Radio 4: Brian Aldiss chooses his Desert Island music / Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde RADIO DRAMA

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Online AudioRoy, our UK correspondent, has written int to remind me of a repeat broadcast of Desert Island Discs (a show in which celebrities list and discuss their favorite music) that will be airing on Friday (Feb. 2nd @ 9:00am) with guest of Science Fiction author Brian Aldiss. Guests of the show are asked to choose the eight records they would take with them to a desert island. Due to music rights issues this show is NOT AVAILABLE through the ‘Listen Again’ service, so one has to ‘tune in’ or listen via live stream RealAudio.

In more straightforward listening, Roy also tells us that a new production of a new adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s proto-Science Fiction story The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde that will be upcoming on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Saturday Play‘ slot…

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
By Robert Louis Stevenson; Performed by a FULL CAST
Radio Broadcast – Approx. 60 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4
Broadcast: Saturday February 3rd 2007 @ 14:30 (U.K. Time)

And, you can look for this one on the ‘Listen Again‘ feature the day after it airs.