Robert E. Howard’s CONAN vs. CPI’s Conan

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Queen Of The Black Coast by Robert E. HowardBroken Sea Audio Productions has received another letter from the law firm employed by Conan Properties International. This time, there appears to be some acknowledgment that the stories starring Robert E. Howard’s Conan aren’t the sole property of CPI.

Unfortunately, the remainder of the letter still shows that the lawyer for CPI don’t read their correspondence very closely. CPI’s lawyers still think that BSAP is selling something (they aren’t), and that by selling that product BSAP would be harming the market for the CPI’s own audio product (which doesn’t exist).

Here’s a |PDF| of the letter.

I’m hip deep into the audio drama version of Queen Of The black Coast, having just finished listening to episode 4, in which CONAN, Belit, and crew of the Tigress finally start up that poisoned river. It’s got a stereo soundscape that is so rich and full as to be unrivaled in podcast audio drama. Check it out for yourselves HERE.

To read the first letter check out our first post about this subject HERE.

Posted by Jesse Willis