Canadia: 2056 in the music section of the iTunes store

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CBC Radio - Canadia 2056As our twitter subscribers already know the first 5 episodes of Canadia: 2056, the CBC’s last great Science Fiction (and comedy) series |READ OUR REVIEW|, are now available in the “spoken word” section of the iTunes store.

Spoken word is, of course, not the right category for Canadia: 2056. In fact it’s a terrible section for this great series. It is low traffic section and it has had titles removed from it (when has complained to Apple about titles in it violating their contractual monopoly on audiobook and audio drama content). Even worse these tracks will not have bookmarking features as found on audibooks in the audiboook section. Despite all these problems and the general caveats associated with downloading from the music store of iTunes (vs. the relative safety of you may want to snap these first 5 tracks up. Presumably if these first five tracks sell well CBC will put up the rest of season 1 and maybe even season 2!

Or you could just get the DRM free versions on CD through the CBC store HERE. It is more expensive that way, but it is 100% complete and it won’t disappear if you have a hard drive crash.

Matt Watts, the writer and star of Canadia 2056 points out that the files on iTunes are in fact DRM free! And that it’s just $4.99 for 5 episodes. That’s pretty damn good for DRM free!

Posted by Jesse Willis

P.S. CBC has failed to release the J. Michael Straczynski series The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al. For shame CBC! For shame!

CANADIA: 2056 coming to CD

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Canadia: 2056Good news for radio drama fans! Greg DeClute, a producer at CBC Radio One, informs me that:

“…the second season of Canadia will be released on CD in time for Christmas. The CBC will start taking
pre-orders on November 17. People can order it from the Canadia site or
from the CBC shop.”

Greg is referring of course to the second season of CANADIA: 2056, which aired earlier this year on CBC Radio One stations across Canada. Season one, by the way, is already available in a 5 CD set.

Posted by Jesse Willis