Noircon 2008 panel on “Cybernoir”

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I’ll make nearly any excuse to talk about Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards’ two podcasts Behind The Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed and Out Of The Past: Investigating Film Noir. Today’s excuse comes in the form of a Noircon 2008 podcast which includes a brief mention of Blade Runner. Have a listen…

Noircon 2008 podcastPodcast Day 3: Cybernoir Panel
Panelists: Shannon Clute, Seth Harwood, and Richard Edwards
Podcaster: Out Of The Past / Behind The Black Mask
Recorded: April 5th, 2008
Recorded as part of the Noircon 2008 Conference in Philadelphia, PA, Clute and Edwards kick things off with a discussion of how noir style and pulp publishing models seem to provide the fundamental structuring logics of emerging digital media—from blogs to podcasts, mashups to video games. Seth Harwood then relates his own experience of podcasting his first novel, JACK WAKES UP—from producing the initial audio, to embracing various new media in order to cultivate an audience and tap their enthusiasm and skills to promote his work. Finally, all three panelists consider how pulp-logic productions in these various media are likely to change the ways books are published and marketed. This special edition podcast includes all Power Point slides from the panel, synchronized with the audio, for your viewing pleasure. Moreover, there are embedded links at the bottom of the images, which allow you to surf related links while listening. The podcast is optimized for iTunes, and will run on any machine that has iTunes installed.

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The Time Traveler Show podcasts two Mike Resnick tales

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The Time Traveler Show podcastThe latest Time Traveler Show podcast features two short stories written and read by Mike Resnick! Here’s the scoop on em…

“…the first has yet to be printed but will appear in the anthology Urban Werewolves. It’s called A Most Unusual Greyhound. The other story is nominated for a 2008 Hugo Award for best short story. It is called Distant Replay.”

These were recorded on Jan. 19th, 2008 at the ConFusion 2008 SF convention in Troy, Michigan. Listen |MP3| direct, or subscribe to the podcast via this feed:

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The Time Traveler has… ConFusion 2008 – Convention Panels

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ConFusion 2008The Time Traveler, of The Time Traveler Show podcast, attended an SF con (Confusion 2008) in January. Because he recorded so many panels he’s not podcasting them all, have a look, pick and choose on his site or below…

Teh Awesome Duo – Revealed!
Convention: ConFusion 2008
Recorded: Jan. 19th, Sat, 12:00-13:00
An interview with Guests of Honor Justine Larbalestier, Scott Westerfeld conducted by John Scalzi

Piracy of Fiction on the Internet
Panelists Patrick Nielsen Hayden, John Scalzi (M), Merry Haskell, Patrick Rothfuss, and Paul Melko
Convention: ConFusion 2008
Recorded: Jan. 19th, Sat, 12:00-13:00
What is fair use versus exploitation without compensation?

The Short Sell
John Scalzi (M), Mike Resnick, William Schafer, David Klecha
Convention: ConFusion 2008
Recorded: Jan. 19th, Sat, 14:00-15:00
Where are the current markets for short sf? Are some better than others? What is the place for short fiction in the science fiction field today?

The Internet as Career Tool
By Tobias Buckell (M), The Ferrett, Catherynne Valente, Suzanne Church
Convention: ConFusion 2008
Recorded: Jan. 20th, Sun, 11:00-12:00
What are the best ways to use the internet to promote your career? From webpages to blogs to other ideas.

The Art and Science of Evolving as a Writer
Panelists John Scalzi, Paul Melko (m), Sarah Zettel, Jim Hines
Convention: ConFusion 2008
Recorded: Jan. 20th, Sun, 12:00-1:00
In order to improve as a writer you have to practice. What are some of the ways to do this? How can you tell if there is improvement?

Also, The Time Traveler Show #23 |MP3| contains two recordings from ConFusion with Jim Hines that are not listed above. Also the next Time Traveler Show will feature a reading by Mike Resnick! If you haven’t already, subscribe to the podcast using this feed:

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Tantor Media @ Books Expo America

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Book Expo America 2007Tantor Media is going to Book Expo America, and their bringing guests! If you’re in NYC during the event check out BOOTH #2268 to meet their narrators, including SFFaudio favorite William Dufris. Dufris will be there on Friday, June 1st 2007 @ 3:00pm. Visitors to the booth will also have a chance to enter a drawing for one of 5 custom Tantor audiobook collections worth $500 each! Also on tap are sampler CDs, MP3-CD demos and more!

Other audiobook publishers will be well represented at Book Expo America 2007 t00:

Audio Renaissance – Booth # 3647
BBC Audiobooks America – Booth # 4643
Blackstone Audio – Booth # 2181
Brilliance Audio – Booth # 2157
Recorded Books – Booth #2278
Request Audibooks – Booth # 1506
Wildside Press – Booth # 2781

SFFaudio in Salt Lake City, Utah May 2th – 27th 2007

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CONduit XVIICONduit is an annual general interest Science Fiction and Fantasy convention held every May in Salt Lake City, Utah. Conduit 17 (called “Shadows Of Conduit”) runs this year between May 25th and 27th. We’ll be there, represented by our resident Web Kzin, SFFaudio co-founder, and professional SF author Scott D. Danielson.

If you’re going to be there too, look for Scott at one or all of these panels:

Friday, 3:00PM Podcasts: SF On The Web
Panel: Pam Oberg, Scott Danielson
Imagine listening to your favorite authors, artists, actors, and professionals talk about their work while you are at work or driving to work. Imagine listening to a convention panel, a decades-old radio interview, or a group of fans raving about the latest games while you
clean, jog, or mow the lawn. Enter the brave new world of podcasts. Our panelists discuss what podcasts are, where to find them, what to expect, and will even peer into the shadowy realm of iTunes voodoo.

Friday, 4:00PM The Viability Of Artificial Intelligence
Panel: Eric Swedin, James Brown, Scott Danielson (M), Eric James Stone
Research into artificial intelligence has been criticized for not advancing at the same rate as much of computing. Some have theorized that this is because we are simply incapable of creating intelligence — at least in the way we understand it. Will we ever see a Neuromancer?

Saturday, 11:00AM Take Me To Your Leader
Panel: James Brown, Scott Danielson, Eric James Stone (M), Ann Sharp
The Aliens Have Landed! Now what? Let’s have fun talking about what
impact the alien invasion (or a friendly visit) would realistically have on Earth. And what WOULD an alien really say at first contact?

Sunday, 10:00AM The Movies Of M. Night Shyamalan
Panel: Eric Swedin, Scott Danielson, Janus Daniels
The Sixth Sense. Unbreakable. Signs. The Village. Lady in the Water. M. Night Shyamalan has been hailed as the next Alfred Hitchcock. Is that accurate? Will he be able to keep the freshness of his directorial vision or is he destined to be just another Hollywood director? What are the themes that frequent his work? We discuss this intriguing newcomer to the movie scene.