BrokenSea turns 3, celebrates with Escape From New York

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BrokenSea Audio Productions - Escape From New York

Broken Sea Audio Productions - Escape From New YorkThursday is the best day of the week for audio drama fans. And this Thursday marks the 3rd anniversary of BrokenSea Audio Productions!

On 2nd March 2007 Paul Mannering and Bill Hollweg formally launched BrokenSea Audio Productions. With the technical help of David “The Web-Guru “Sobkowiak the website came alive and BrokenSea started a tradition of great audio drama that has continued unabated ever since.

Lead by an executive committee of “audio hooligans” Paul, Bill, David, Mark Kalita, Stevie K. Farnaby and Damaris Mannering oversee an enthusiastic group of more than 200 audio producers and voice actors who create audio stories from a wide range of genres and includes both fan-works and original shows.

This Thursday also sees the final installment of BrokenSea’s fan audio adaptation of Escape From New York. And, in a cleverly Colbert-like move, the producers have apparently dedicated the episode to me!

Part 1 |MP3| Part 2 |MP3| Part 3 |MP3| Part 4 |MP3| Part 5 |MP3|

Here’s the podcast feed for BrokenSea’s Escape From New York:

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Broken Sea: Escape From New York

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Broken Sea Audio Productions - Escape From New YorkBLACK SCREEN, RISING MUSIC…

In the year 1988 the crime rate in the United States rises 400%. The once great city of New York becomes the one maximum security prison for the entire country. A fifty foot containment wall is erected along the New Jersey shoreline, across the Harlem river, and down along the Brooklyn shorline. It completely surrounds Manhattan Island. All bridges and waterways are mined. The United States Police Force, like an army, is encamped around the island. The prison’s name: New York Maximum Security Penitentiary, Manhattan Island. There are no guards inside the prison, only prisoners, and the worlds they have made. The year now… 1997.

Stevie Farnaby, (aka the voice of Conan from Queen Of The Black Coast) writes in to boast of his new project with Queen Of The Black Coast scripter Bill Hollweg. It’s a fan audio drama version of Escape From New York. Sez Stevie:

“This was a total joy of a series to produce. Bill Hollweg did an absolutely amazing job adapting the scripts, and there’s quite simply some of the finest VAs [voice actors] in the business on the show, giving some of their finest performances. As for the Production values, I went into sonic overdrive on this one, and created the audio equivalent of a thermo nuclear Strike ! – LOL I genuinely believe this to be one of the most groundbreaking and innovative shows around. The word, ‘explosive’ seems to fall woefully short of describing it.”

This isn’t exactly a re-imagining, more of a tribute to the original, but one that fills in more details. My hope is that in a later episode we’ll see the head of the Statue Of Liberty lying on a Manhattan Street (like in the poster).

Episode one is online now check it out |MP3| or subscribe…

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The SFFaudio Podcast #010 – Bill Hollweg from BrokenSea Audio Productions


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #010 – In what may be our smurfiest show ever we’ve dropped the usual format for an exclusive interview with Bill Hollweg from BrokenSea Audio Productions. It’s a Texas sized show in which we get Bill to spill the beans on upcoming BSAP projects like the retro-Battlestar Galactica, an all new Mad Max adventure and the audio drama version of Escape From New York!

We also hear about:
Me gushing over the ongoing 7 part BSAP miniseries of Conan: Queen Of The Black Coast, then I compare BSAP’s Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter to Tales Of The Gold Monkey and Bill compares it to Temple Of The Vampire, listen for the description of Beta Flight (you’re thinking Alpha Flight‘s cheaper cousin right?), Body Slam Alley (No one expects a wrestling audio drama!), newcomer 19 Nocturne Boulevard, Maudelayne featuring J.R.R. Tolkien, and plenty more!

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