BrokenSea turns 3, celebrates with Escape From New York

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BrokenSea Audio Productions - Escape From New York

Broken Sea Audio Productions - Escape From New YorkThursday is the best day of the week for audio drama fans. And this Thursday marks the 3rd anniversary of BrokenSea Audio Productions!

On 2nd March 2007 Paul Mannering and Bill Hollweg formally launched BrokenSea Audio Productions. With the technical help of David “The Web-Guru “Sobkowiak the website came alive and BrokenSea started a tradition of great audio drama that has continued unabated ever since.

Lead by an executive committee of “audio hooligans” Paul, Bill, David, Mark Kalita, Stevie K. Farnaby and Damaris Mannering oversee an enthusiastic group of more than 200 audio producers and voice actors who create audio stories from a wide range of genres and includes both fan-works and original shows.

This Thursday also sees the final installment of BrokenSea’s fan audio adaptation of Escape From New York. And, in a cleverly Colbert-like move, the producers have apparently dedicated the episode to me!

Part 1 |MP3| Part 2 |MP3| Part 3 |MP3| Part 4 |MP3| Part 5 |MP3|

Here’s the podcast feed for BrokenSea’s Escape From New York:

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  1. And, here’s the art I made for the follow up series – it combines a photograph of World Trade Center era NYC with the headless Statue Of Liberty as seen in the teaser posters for Cloverfield.

    BrokenSea Audio Productions: Escape From New York - Series 2: "Heard You Were Dead!"

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