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Grist Mill - God of the RazorThe Grist Mill: “The God of the Razor” and “If You Take My Hand, My Son”
By Joe R. Lansdale and Mort Castle; Performed by a Full Cast
1 CD – 1 hour – [AUDIO DRAMA]
Publisher: STH Productions
Published: 2008
Grist Mill - SlasherThe Grist Mill: “Slasher”
By F. Paul Wilson; Performed by a Full Cast
Audio Download – 1/2 hour = [AUDIO DRAMA]
Publisher: STH Productions
Published: 2008
Three audio dramas (two episodes on the CD) from The Grist Mill! These titles are horror, very well done. Radio Drama Revival says: “Slasher” is just a startlingly awesome piece of audio, the best of the best out there.

“God of the Razor” – Master horror writer Joe R. Lansdale introduces us to an ancient razor and the sinister god who controls all who use it. WARNING: this audio is NOT for the squeamish.

“If You Take My Hand, My Son” – Mort Castle’s audio play that tells the tale of a reconciliation between a father and son that takes place beyond the grave; a reconciliation with terrifying results. Taken from his book “Moon on the Water”.

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Dragon Page interviews F. Paul Wilson

SFFaudio Online Audio

Dragon Page Cover To Cover LogoDragon Page: Cover To Cover has a new interview with F. Paul Wilson. Coool!

Here’s the scoop:

We chat with F. Paul Wilson, author of over 40 novels including the seminal Repairman Jack and Adversary Cycle series, about his newest book, a young adult entry about Jack’s teen years, Jack: Secret Histories. He gives us a history on building Jack up by going back to his teen years in the Pine Barrens when he’s slowly discovering his abilities as well as defining his loyalties to his friends.

Paul also tells us stories about the mystique of the Pine Barrens, the Jersey Devil, and the supernatural unknowns that might still be lurking deep in the lands untouched by humans.

If you’ve never experienced a Repairman Jack novel, you don’t know what sort of fun you’re missing, and Jack: Secret Histories is a good place to start.

Have a listen direct |MP3| or subscribe to their podcast:

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The SFFaudio PodcastHey look! We’ve got our own podcast. This is the very first one, which includes SFFaudio founders Scott D. Danielson and Jesse Willis talking about audiobooks, audio drama, and cease and desist orders. We won’t desist podcasting if you won’t cease downloading them – whatever that means.

This week we talked about the most recent of Recent Arrivals, the newest of the New Releases, and the breaking news about the attempt to break Broken Sea Audio Productions‘ productions.

Topics under discussion include:

Ubik, Philip K. Dick, Joss Whedon, Dollhouse, Babylon Babies,, audio drama, The Grist Mill, F. Paul Wilson, Charles de Lint, Robert A. Heinlein, Starman Jones, Mort Castle, Dr. Bloodmoney, Frederik Pohl, Lester del Rey, Arthur C. Clarke, 2000x, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Star Trek, Audible Frontiers, Wonder Audio, The Last Theorem, Preferred Risk, Alfred Bester, Fondly Fahrenheit, The Stars My Destination, Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, Audio Realms, Conan and Mickey Mouse.

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Sound Affects to air: “a good horrible story” next Sunday

SFFaudio Online Audio

Sound Affects: A Radio PlaygroundJerry Stearns, host of Sound Affects: A Radio Playground, will be airing F. Paul Wilson’s “The Slasher” (which we told you about not so long ago) next Sunday evening at 9:30 on KFAI. Sez Jerry: “It’s not very SF a story, but it is a good horrible story.” Also on offer is a time travel story from the Atlanta Radio Theater Company.

In fact, the next few months on Sound Affects will be quite interesting as it’ll look something like this:

September – Crazy Dog’s “The Last Harbinger” (begins Aug. 31)

October – A War of the Worlds Month (with excerpts from many versions and ending with the 50th Anniversary Production complete)

November – ZBS’s “Dinotopia

December – ZBS’s “The World Beneath” (the sequel to Dinotopia)

Sound Affects airs on KFAI, 90.3 FM and 106.7 FM, in Minneapolis/St. Paul.
between 9:30 and 10:30 PM on Sundays (Central Time).

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Radio Drama Revival – F. Paul Wilson’s Slasher

SFFaudio Online Audio

Radio Drama RevivalThe Radio Drama Revival, and its host Fred Greenhalgh, have a podcast interview with they guys behind The Grist Mill, a series of horror audio dramas. Their latest production is an adaptation of an F. Paul Wilson short story called Slasher. Have a listen |MP3| to the interview, that has samples from the production within it. You can subscribe to the podcast feed via this link:

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Author Focus – F. Paul Wilson

SFFaudio Author Focus

F. Paul Wilson F. Paul Wilson is an award-winning author of dozens of novels and more than a hundred short stories. While he considers himself a “Thriller writer” his storytelling spans many genres. Wilson’s books cover everything: Horror, Adventure, medical thrillers, and of course Science Fiction and Fantasy too. He is most famous as the author of the popular “Repairman Jack” series. Wilson has had a fair number of his tales produced to audiobooks, but quite a few of them are out of print. Here’s the complete listing:

The Keep
By F. Paul Wilson; Read by Michael Prichard
10 Cassettes – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Books On Tape
Published: 1983 (OUT OF PRINT)
ISBN: 073660846X
In the spring of 1941, a message is received from a German Army commander stationed in a remote castle high in the Transylvanian Alps: “Something is murdering my men.” An SS extermination squad is sent to destroy the enemy, presumed by the military to be partisans.

The Touch
By F. Paul Wilson; Read by ?????
? Cassettes – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Books On Tape
Published: 1986/1987/1988 ? (OUT OF PRINT)
ISBN: 9998438845 / 5557087567
After twelve years of practicing medicine, Dr. Alan Bulmer develops a supernatural ability to heal, but the miraculous power carries a potentially lethal price.

The Select by F. Paul WilsonThe Select
By F. Paul Wilson; Read by Elizabeth Shue
2 Cassettes – Approx. 3 Hours [ABRIDGED]
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audioworks
Published: 1994 (OUT OF PRINT)
ISBN: 0671883186
Quinn Cleary is smart, idealistic and poor. She’s been accepted at The Ingraham, a prestigious medical school, where a select few receive the finest education free of charge. But something is terribly wrong at The Ingraham. Quinn notices subtle changes in the bright, hand-picked students. Then she stumbles upon the silent, staring patients in locked Ward C.

By F. Paul Wilson and Matthew J. Costello; Read by ????
2 Cassettes – Approx. 3 Hours [ABRIDGED]
Publisher: Soundelux Audio Publishing
Publisher: 1996 (Out of print)
ISBN: 1559352396
A team of doctors creates a virtual reality scanner that allows them to enter a person’s memory and watch it via videocasette recorder. Neuropsychologist Julie Gordon decides to use the device to enter the mind of her twin sister, Samantha, who has lapsed into a coma in Paris. Julie’s looking for the neural pathway that is blocking Samantha’s mind, but in the process of probing Samantha’s memory, Julie makes shocking discoveries about the fire that killed their parents.*INCLUDES: “An exclusive author interview.”

Seeing Ear Theatre Interactive Audio DramaDerelict
By F. Paul Wilson and M.J. Costello; Performed by a full cast
Publisher: The Sci-Fi Channel / Seeing Ear Theatre
Published: 1997 (NOW TAKEN OFFLINE)
A mining crew found it floating on the outer reaches of the asteroid belt. When they saw what it was, they called the marines. Now an exploration team has entered the floating hulk of a ship… abandoned, lifeless. Or so they think.

Conspiracies by F. Paul WilsonConspiracies
By F. Paul Wilson; Read by F. Paul Wilson
Publisher: WyrdSisterS ProductionS / Gauntlet Press
Published: 1999?
The audio CD of F. Paul Wilson reading a dramatization of a scene from his novel Conspiracies.

Horror / Fantasy Audiobook - Midnight Mass And Other Great Vampire StoriesMidnight Mass And Other Great Vampire Stories
Edited by Martin H. Greenberg; Read by various narrators
4 Cassettes – 6 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Dove Audio / Phoenix Audio /
Published: 1999 / 2002
ISBN: 0787119040, 1590402456
“From the horrifying to the humorous, some of today’s finest authors share stories about one of mankind’s oldest imagined evils, the vampire.”
“Bite Me Not, or Fleur de Fur” by Tanith Lee
“Food Chain” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
“Moonlight in Vermont” by Esther Freisner
“Madeleine” by Barbara Hambly
“Victims” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“Seat Partner” by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
“Midnight Mass” (a novella) by F. Paul Wilson (read by Theodore Bikel)

Masque by F. Paul Wilson and M.J. CostelloMasque
By F. Paul Wilson and M.J. Costello; Read by Michael Prichard
9 Cassettes – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Books On Tape
Published: 2000
ISBN: 0736655980
Tristan is the perfect spy. He’s a “mime,” an artificially created and cloned human who’s metamorphic DNA can be programmed to transform him into a “masque” – a perfect genetic copy of anyone. Mimes can be turned into anyone their corporate city-state owners want, until the stress of assuming masques causes a meltdown.

leftThriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night
Edited by James Patterson; Read by various readers
? CDs or ? MP3 CDs – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Published: 2006
ISBN: 1423321758 (CDs) or 1423321774 (MP3-CD)
This hefty collection contains just one short story by F. Paul Wilson

Dark Voices Vol. 6 Sex Slaves of The Dragon TongDark Voices VOL. 6: Sex Slaves Of The Dragon Tong
By F. Paul Wilson; Read by F. Paul Wilson
Chapbook and 1 CD – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Borderlands Press
Published: June 2007
ISBN: 188032590X
A short story paying homage to the pulp era.

Conspiracies by F. Paul WilsonBloodline
By F. Paul Wilson; Read by
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publisher: October 2007
ISBN: 1423346041
It starts off simply enough. (Doesn’t it always?) Jack has been on hiatus since the tragic events in Harbingers. With his beloved Gia’s encouragement he dips his toe back into the fix-it pool.


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