The SFFaudio PodcastHey look! We’ve got our own podcast. This is the very first one, which includes SFFaudio founders Scott D. Danielson and Jesse Willis talking about audiobooks, audio drama, and cease and desist orders. We won’t desist podcasting if you won’t cease downloading them – whatever that means.

This week we talked about the most recent of Recent Arrivals, the newest of the New Releases, and the breaking news about the attempt to break Broken Sea Audio Productions‘ productions.

Topics under discussion include:

Ubik, Philip K. Dick, Joss Whedon, Dollhouse, Babylon Babies,, audio drama, The Grist Mill, F. Paul Wilson, Charles de Lint, Robert A. Heinlein, Starman Jones, Mort Castle, Dr. Bloodmoney, Frederik Pohl, Lester del Rey, Arthur C. Clarke, 2000x, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Star Trek, Audible Frontiers, Wonder Audio, The Last Theorem, Preferred Risk, Alfred Bester, Fondly Fahrenheit, The Stars My Destination, Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, Audio Realms, Conan and Mickey Mouse.

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Posted by Jesse Willis

13 thoughts to “The SFFaudio Podcast #001 – NEW RELEASES / RECENT ARRIVALS”

  1. I’m looking forward to more of these and to the podcast coming up to the same high quality as your excellent website.

    VOIP audio is a bit rough. Some helpful technical tips for maximizing audio quality using skype for podcasters, well, actually a whole forum with a video FAQ:

    They also have a super simple, but sophisticated under the hood non-commercial free-ware automatic audio level adjusting app (much more than “normalizing”).

    I may have to run your podcast through levelator, myself :)

  2. As a fan of your site and as a new subscriber to your promising podcast I’m a little surprised to find my comment scrubbed. It was not spam, I have no association with the pocasting information provided by the links I provided and I do think your podcast will benefit by adjusting the network settings for Skype and from volume leveling. And, yes, I generally post anonymously, though, of course, you can always track my IP to prevent spamming.

  3. Scote, thanks for the info, your comments weren’t scrubbed so much as unmoderated until just now. :)

    Scott is in charge of technical stuff on the recording, so I’ll ask him to follow your links. I’m just the beauty end of the team. :D

  4. //Scote, thanks for the info, your comments weren’t scrubbed so much as unmoderated until just now. :)//

    No worries. I’m looking forward to future podcasts, especially value added ones where you talk to other people with insight into the industry.

    Your site a great conglomeration since it deals with SF&F audio dramas, podcasts and audiobooks, so it has a broader area to talk about than Starship Sofa and such. I’ll be interested to hear if you can talk to audio producers and/or actors in the future.

    Recorded Books has sent out at least on of their actors to give a library talk–apparently as part of their sales push to sell pre-loaded, single book mp3 players to libraries, as a way to try and leverage the untapped market of library patrons who don’t have portable audio players.

    And H/T for the notation that Audible audio dramas are in mono! I hadn’t even though about that. No problem for audio books, but for audio dramas that would be an issue.

    Now if only more audio book producers would sell downloadable mp3s (as you can get through eMusic) instead of only selling CDs and through Audible as DRM only, then audio purchases and use would be much simpler.

  5. Jack, we’ll have to get you on to talk about your audio drama productions if only to make Scote happy. :D

    Scote, we’ve had a few people in the audio and radio drama industries offering us interviews with the casts and talent. Now that we’ve got a podcast, it’s more likely we’ll be able to follow through with them.

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