Mark Time and Ogle Award deadline approaching!

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The Mark Time AwardThe deadline for the 16th Annual Mark Time Awards for Science Fiction Audio theater, and the Ogle Awards for Fantasy & Horror Audio Theater is coming right up!

It’s March 1, 2013.

Producers who created a new SF or Fantasy audio story in 2012 are encouraged to enter. They can find such information HERE.

Awards will be presented at Convergence, in Minneapolis, MN, on July 4, 2013.

Last year many of the winners were able to attend the ceremony, some from as far away as London and South Africa. Creators of the awards – Jerry Stearns, David Ossman, and Richard Fish were all in attendance, as well as four of the five judges.

At that same convention, Convergence, there’s something else special for audio dramatists too: The War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary Audio Contest. Sponsored by the Convergence, Aural Stage Productions and Final Rune Productions, with actual prizes in the form of high-tech audio software from iZotope.

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The SFFaudio Podcast #176 – Fred Greenhalgh’s The Cleansed


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #176 – The Cleansed, Season 1, Episode 1 by Fred Greenhalgh. This is the complete first episode of the Final Rune audio drama series by Fred Greenhalgh followed by a discussion of it. Participants in the discussion include Jesse, Tamahome and Fred Greenhalgh himself.

Talked about on today’s show:

Eight episodes in season one, clothing in the apocalypse, Tamahome believed everyone was naked, field recording and all-present cast, portable recorder in South Africa, “audio postcards”, Fred’s past audiodramas, The Most Dangerous Game, Waiting for a Window, “either biblical or Star Wars”, Bruce Willis and Armageddon, conflicting world-views, “is that a turkey there?”, Fred knows how to live off the grid, The Long Walk, Fred loves Stephen King, The Stand tv version, when will we find out what ‘The Cleansed’ refers to?, violence and ideologies, Chatterbox Audio Theater on The Cleansed, like Stephen King, Fred doesn’t believe in a lot of plotting ahead or describing clothes, artist Simon Adams helps, “Paul with a P”, “The Republic is the 1%’ers”, The Cleansed Kickstarter campaign, where does Fred get his food?, the best of both worlds, a post-apocalypse for today

The Cleansed

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Mark Time (and Ogle) Award Winners for 2011

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The Mark Time AwardJerry Stearns, the coordinator for the The Mark Time Awards and Ogle Awards, writes in with this list of the winners for 2011:

The Mark Time Awards are given each year for the Best Science Fiction Audio Theater production, and the Ogle Awards are given for the Best Fantasy or Horror Audio Theater production. These are the 15th Annual Awards, for the 2011 Production Year.

Mark Time Awards

Brad Lansky and the 4D-Verse
Written by J. D. Venne
Producer, Dieter Zimmermann

My Other Self
Stagestruck Audio Theatre
Written & Produced by Bret Jones


Our Fair City, Season 2
HartLife NFP
Written by Clayton Faits & others


The Martian Chronicles
Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air
Story by Ray Bradbury
Dramatized by Jerry Robbins
Producer, Seth Adam Sher

Logan’s Run – Last Day
Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air
Written by Jason Brock, William F. Nolan & Paul Salamoff
Producer, Seth Adam Sher

Ogle Awards

Intensive Care
Final Rune & AuralStage Productions
Written by James Comtois
Producers, Fred Greenhalgh, Matthew Boudreau, Samantha Mason


Ghost of a Chance
19 Nocturne Boulevard
Written & produced by Julie Hoverson

The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack
Wireless Theatre Company
Written by Gareth Parker, Robert Valentine
Producers, Robert Valentine, Gareth Parker, Mariele Runacre-Temple


The 15th Mark Time Awards will be presented July 5, 2012 at CONvergence, in Bloomington, MN. Representatives from four of the seven production organizations will be present to accept their awards, as will several past winners and four of the five judges.

Mark Time is a character created in 1970 by the Firesign Theatre. Phil Proctor and David Ossman of Firesign will also be attending CONvergence to help celebrate the occasion, along with their wives, Melinda Peterson and Judith Walcutt. Judith is a convention Guest of Honor, too. And they’ll all be participating in events throughout the convention, including the Mark Time Radio Show, just before the Opening Ceremonies.

We encourage you to look up the winners and give them a listen. You’ll find some excellent storytelling.

For more information about CONvergence:
For more about the Mark Time Awards:

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