Final episode of Canadia: 2056 airs today on CBC Radio One

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Canadia 2056The concluding episode of Canadia: 2056 airs today on all CBC Radio One stations across Canada. Tune in and listen @ 11:30am or listen using the Streaming Radio Map. And, just one day prior to the conclusion Canadia: 2056 earned an “honorable mention” for the 2007 Mark Time Awards.

Here’s the official CBC Radio hotsheet description for the final show:

“An illegal upload adversely affects the computer. The Canadia finally reaches the planet Ipampilash, but Faverau and Pickens can’t agree on what to do. Anderson and Lewis take matters into their own hands when the captain is unable to answer the call of duty. Faverau comes across a Canadian on board the USS Pickens and brings them back to the Canadia. Canadia 2056, this morning at 11:30 (noon NT) on CBC Radio One.”

What will the ultimate fate of Canadia: 2056 be? We’ve got no idea. But Matt Watts has posted a bit of info to his site. Matt sez:

“Overall, I’m pretty happy with the quality of the writing. I think I managed to write a couple of great episodes (along with a couple of clunkers.) The two episodes that were co-written turned out great, and I’m glad I had Dave Tomlinson and Bryan Lee O’Malley to write them. I couldn’t have done it at all without Joe Mahoney as my story editor – Thanks, Joe. The cast and crew were fantastic to work with. The whole thing was a great ride, and I hope we get picked up for more. I left the story open ended and there’s nothing I’d like more than to do a second season.”

And he’s posted a pic of the 2056 cast and crew:

Canadia 2056 Cast and Crew

The series seems to have really struck a chord with listeners. One listener compared it with the original broadcast of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and I think that’s a fair comparison, Matt Watts is not unlike a Canadian Douglas Adams.

I’ve personally received several emails requesting places where previous episodes can be downloaded. Unfortunately I’m not personally able to help you with these requests. But nothing is stopping you from trading files yourselves.

Other than that, for those who missed episodes, or would like to hear the show again all I can say is that the show may be re-run in years to come, or like the two previous CBC SF series by Matt Watts, they may be released on CD. We’ll let you know when and where you can get Canadia: 2056.

CBC Radio One Radio Drama Update


CBC Radio OneCBC Radio producer Joe Mahoney has just posted some interesting radio drama related tid-bits about two upcoming CBC Radio One series:

“Last Friday we finished whipping the J. Michael Strazcynski (JMS) piece The Adventures of Apocalypse Al into shape. Greg DeClute and I spent the entire week with JMS and Samm Barnes fine tuning the edit and the sound effects assembly. We’ll actually mix it next week some time. Apparently it will air over the summer, but I don’t know exactly when yet.”

Joe also writes about a follow up to the two successful Matt Watts’ series Steve, The First and Steve, The Second. It will be called Canadia. Cast details can be found in the same post which you can find on Joe’s blog.

Our good friend Joe Mahoney has just announced t…


CBC Radio OneOur good friend Joe Mahoney has just announced the follow up to last winter’s CBC Radio One post-apocalyptic comedy series Steve The First. It’s called, shockingly, Steve The Second. It’ll start airing on January 7th 2006 at 11:30am and for the subsequent three weeks (January 7th to 28th).

Matt Watts as “Steve”
Mark McKinney as “Phil Green”

PART I – (Airs January 7th 2005)

PART II – (Airs January 14th 2005)

PART III – (Airs January 21st 2005)

PART IV – (Airs January 28th 2005)

Exciting post-apocalyptic news everyone. This one …

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Exciting post-apocalyptic news everyone. This one sounds like it’ll be a real winner!

CBC Radio One is launching a brand new four-part limited comedy series to begin airing this Saturday, February 5th, 2005. Entitled STEVE, THE FIRST, written by and starring Matt Watts, the program boasts an exceptional cast including actor, writer and director Don McKellar of films as eXistenZ and Last Night. And Kids In The Hall alumnus Mark McKinney. Writer Matt Watts (The Newsroom) attributes his inspiration for writing the show to a recent viewing of The Omega Man. Matt says he thought that it’d be “…funny if someone had to save the world after an apocalypse, despite being rather lazy and useless”. Matt says he “Came up with the character Steve, who’s pretty useless, like me. Sad, but true.”


Matt Watts as “Steve the First”

Mark McKinney as “Phil Green”

Don McKellar as “Tim the Melty”

PART I – (Airing February 5th 2005)

Steve wakes up to realize he’s slept through the apocalypse! Listeners follow him through a bizarre series of events as he discovers that human survivors are melting to death (melties) and dogs are randomly exploding. He meets Colleen, who takes him into her home after she realizes he may hold the cure to the strange melting disease. Phil Green, the evil mayoral candidate, continues to work on his post-nuclear campaign.

PART II – (Airing February 12th 2005)

Steve treks across the forbidden zone in search of water, while Colleen discovers Steve’s cure actually works and she has recovered! Hundreds of melties begin to arrive at Colleen’s house in search of Steve’s cure, while the evil Phil Green works toward capturing Colleen’s heart.

PART III – (Airing February 19th 2005)

After successfully curing several melties, Steve is kidnapped by Phil Green, who wants the cure for himself. Colleen, with the help of a telepathic dog, treks across the nuclear wasteland to rescue Steve.

PART IV – (Airing February 26th 2005)

Phil Green and Steve have a public debate to see who’s more qualified to lead the citizens of post-nuclear Toronto to safety. When things don’t go to Phil’s liking, he reveals his deadly plan. (Yes, it involves a bomb!)

If any of these above situations sound familiar to you, chances are you can relate to the life of STEVE, THE FIRST. He may sound like a typical hero, but in reality he’s a lazy, incompetent whiner, who through strange circumstances happens to be the saviour of humankind. Tune in as the fate of the world unfolds beginning Saturday, February 5th 2005 at 11:30 am.

Posted by Jesse Willis