Three MP3s of panels from The 59th World Science Fiction Convention

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The Millennium Philcon (the 2001 World Science Fiction Convention)The Millennium PhilCon (the 2001 World Science Fiction Convention) ran from August 30, 2001 – September 3, 2001 in Philadelphia, PA. The Millennium PhilCon was “an interesting, fun, five days of panels, dialogues, game shows, readings and a few surprises along the way.” If you missed it you can still attend a few panels via these MP3 archives:

The Science We Don’t Understand
Panelists: Catherine Asaro, John Ashmead, John G. Cramer (M), Howard Davidson, Dave Kratz
|MP3| – 50 minutes [CONVENTION PANEL]
CONVENTION: WorldCon #59
HELD: Saturday September 1st 2001 – 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Science usually focuses on new discoveries and new understanding. But what have we left out? Where are the holes in our knowledge? What are the things we DON’T understand in physics, astronomy, biology, and mathematics?

So What Happened to Clavius Base? Why 2001 Is Nothing Like 2001
Panelists: Stephen Baxter, Michael F. Flynn, Daniel Hatch, Tim Kyger (M), Geoffrey A. Landis
|MP3| – 60 minutes [CONVENTION PANEL]
CONVENTION: WorldCon #59
HELD: Saturday September 1st 2001 – 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Panel discussion of the lack of 2001: A Space Odyssey in the actual year 2001.

The Phlogiston Belt: Changing Science And The Hard SF Writer
Panelists: Stephen Baxter, Jack McDevitt (M), Derryl Murphy, Larry Niven, Stanley Schmidt
|MP3| – 50 minutes [CONVENTION PANEL]
CONVENTION: WorldCon #59
HELD: Sunday September 2nd 2001 – 2:00pm -3:00pm
Hard SF writers discuss the troubles and challenges of seeing real science invalidate their stories. Of particular focus are stories about the Solar System and atomic physics.