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Transmissions From Beyond - the TTA Press podcastLongtime friend of SFFaudio, Paul S. Jenkins, alters us to the existence of the new TTA Press fiction podcast: Transmissions From Beyond. This podcast gets its stories from the pages of three TTA Press magazines:

Interzone (Science Fiction and Fantasy), Black Static (Horror), and Crimewave (Crime and Mystery). Their launch this month includes one story from each magazine! Check em out…

A Handful Of Dust by Ian R. FaulknerA Handful of Dust
By Ian R. Faulkner; Read by John Berlyne
1 |MP3| – Approx. 24 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Transmissions From Beyond
Podcast: August 2nd 2008
From Crimewave #9: Transgressions.

Lady Of The Crows by Tim CassonLady Of The Crows
By Tim Casson; Read by Paul S. Jenkins
1 |MP3| – Approx. 45 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Transmissions From Beyond
Podcast: August 2nd 2008
This story was published in Black Static #1.

The Algorithm by Tim AkersThe Algorithm
By Tim Akers; Read by John Berlyne
1 |MP3| – 53 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Transmissions From Beyond
Podcast: August 2nd 2008
From Interzone #212.

And, upcoming podcasts will include stories from authors: Greg Egan, Marion Arnott and Mercurio D. Rivera. Subscribe to the podcast via this feed:

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The Rev-Up Review RETURNS

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The Rev Up Review, Paul S. Jenkins’ terrific Science Fiction review podcast is back from a two month hiatus. It wasn’t unproductive time though, Paul was busy, amping his new podcast novel, The Plitone Revisionist, available in two podcast formats:

1. From in a story only version.
2. From his new website, in an expansive edition.

The Rev-Up Review #27 includes mentions of the best new podcast in from the UK Starship Sofa, and the bacchanalian event of our time, Mur Lafferty‘s live essay from DragonCon 2006 (captured for all time in Michael & Evo’s Wingin’ It #75). Plus plenty more!

If you’ve somehow haven’t subscribed previously, or like me, had your feedcatcher break in the intervening time use this URL to subscribe:

Great to have you back Paul!

New Podiobook by Paul S. Jenkins: The Plitone Revisionist

Podcast Novel - The Plitone RevisionistPaul S. Jenkins, of The Rev-Up Review podcast fame, has created a Science Fiction podcast novel andthe first five episodes are available now at It’s called The Plitone Revisionist. Here’s the description…

Will Captain Paola Mackie, independent space courier, thrown out of her home ten years previously, escape the unsavory clutches of the man who thinks she can lead him to the notorious Revisionist mothership secretly orbiting within the Lutrana system and plotting to destabilize its economy, its culture, its very way of life?

Will Paola be reconciled with her estranged and aged father before it’s too late for him to pass on his onerous legacy to her? And will she finally get it together with Nantuke Orlis, the Revisionist President’s enigmatic scout?

The Plitone Revisionist is a fast-paced, sexy science-fiction thriller that will keep you enthralled to the end — and beyond.

It sounds cool! Way to go Paul!

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Voices: New Media Fiction is the first podiobook…


Voices New Media Fiction LogoVoices: New Media Fiction is the first podiobook anthology, the brainchild of podcast legend Mur Lafferty. Chock full of spec-fic goodness this is a new collection of previously podcast fiction. When completed there will be stories from Jared Axelrod of The Voice Of Free Planet X, Patrick McLean of The Seanachai, Paul S. Jenkins of The Rev-Up Review, James Patrick Kelly of Free Reads, Jason Erik Lundberg of Lies and Little Deaths and J.R. Blackwell of 365 Tommorows, as well as the ubiquitous Cory Doctorow, and another 10 more!

The official announcement reads as follows:

“Milestone! We’re very happy to announce the release of Voices: New Media Fiction. Voices is edited by Mur Lafferty, and is only available from It is also our 30th book

Voices: New Media Fiction brings together the pioneer short fiction podcasters. Experimenting from putting short-short fiction to novellas over their podcasts, these writers were the first to test the new medium for storytelling. Some wrote specifically for podcasts, some read previously published fiction, and some read entirely new stories. Some listeners asked if they could get just the stories in audio form, and that request brought about this podiobook. Cory Doctorow tells us a story about a post-apocalyptic government run by sysadmins and James Patrick Kelly narrates a story of a strange reconciliation. We’ve collected 18 stories for you, the first short fiction to go out over podcast, and look forward to bringing you more.”

Stories already available from the collection include:

Wolf in the Park
By Patrick McLean
A man is hunted – or is it haunted – by a monstrous wolf.

Barry Koleman, Hero
By Mur Lafferty
Barry grows up a bitter man, denied the superpowers that are his birthright.

The Journey of Jonathan Cave
By Paul S. Jenkins
Jonathan awakens from stasis to discover he’s on the last journey of his life.

Pandas Just Want to be Dogs
By Jared Axlerod
A man discusses desires and extinction with a panda.

Anda’s Game
By Cory Doctorow
A young girl realizes there’s more to her online gameplaying than just looting and leveling.

Everybody’s talking about podcasting these days, e…

SFFaudio News

Everybody’s talking about podcasting these days, either that or starting their own and then talking about it. We’ve collected some resources for the Science Fiction and Fantasy audio fan who is finally ready for the MP3 experimentation to begin…

The Dragon Page
A long running Arizona radio show has transitioned from mere frequency and amplitude modulations to the exciting world of Podcasting! But in a disturbing turn it has started to multiply at a truly alarming rate! The Dragon Page has spawned three, count em three, podcasts and a number of spin-off serial novels. Will they become the Walmart of SF & F podcasting? Tune in and see…

Cover to Cover
A podcast with a literary science fiction and fantasy bent, authors are interviewed frequently, hosted by Michael R. Mennenga and Evo Terra.

Slice of Sci Fi
A podcast with a spec fic media and Star Trek bent, hosted by Michael R. Mennenga and Evo Terra.

Wingin’ It
Two bent SF & F geeks, Michael R. Mennenga and Evo Terra, podcasting without a net.

Evo Terra came up with the term, “Podiobooks”, for serially podcast audiobooks and he’s built a site showcasing four spec fic novels that are doing just that, the first three were associated with The Dragon Page prior to the the creation of the Podiobooks site, but they’ve generously included a fourth independent author’s “podiobook” there too:

MOREVI: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana
Tee Morris and Lisa Lee’s paperbook novel Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana gets serially podcast with Tee Morris reading and engineering.

Earthcore, Scott Sigler’s geology and mining centered novel is being serially podcast. It plays out like a technothriller in the vein of a Lincoln Child novel only far, far angrier. Sigler reads it himself.

The Pocket and the Pendant, Mark Jeffrey’s young adult fantasy novel being serially podcast.

Tom Corven is a tale being written and read by Paul Story. Story (a pseudonym) originally hails from Scotland but he’s writing it in Split, Croatia and podcasting it serially from a cybercafe there.

Rev Up Review
British blogger and SF author Paul Jenkins’ new podcast sounds very promising indeed. His second podcast carefully surveys what’s available in the speculative fiction podcast field and what of it is worth listening to. He’s also reading his short story “The Journey of Jonathan Cave”, but part one starts with his first “experimental” podcast so be sure to check that one out first.

The Seanachai
Thanks to Paul S. Jenkins for finding this one. The Seanachai is a “weekly(ish)” podcast of dramatic storytelling and commentary by Patrick E. McLean.
Funny fantasy so far!

Nuketown Radio Active
Speculative fiction reviews from “a geek dad”. Includes movie, book, game, comic book, web site and podcasts reviews.

The Comic Geeks
A podcast about comic books, toys, memorabilia, science fiction and more. Podcasts
MP3 reviews of audiobooks!

Matamea Rising
“A fictional serialized radio show”. Despite that description this radio style serial actually exists!

“Next, I Hem a Cyclic Door”
A project using “podcasting”, comic book panels and video to tell an episodic science-fiction story across different mediums. A collaboration between comic book artist Tim Dedman and Code Owl Productions founder Gabriel Walsh. Dedman and Walsh exchange scripts and execute each other’s idea.

Have we missed a podcast? Let us know!

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