The Rev-Up Review RETURNS

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The Rev Up Review, Paul S. Jenkins’ terrific Science Fiction review podcast is back from a two month hiatus. It wasn’t unproductive time though, Paul was busy, amping his new podcast novel, The Plitone Revisionist, available in two podcast formats:

1. From in a story only version.
2. From his new website, in an expansive edition.

The Rev-Up Review #27 includes mentions of the best new podcast in from the UK Starship Sofa, and the bacchanalian event of our time, Mur Lafferty‘s live essay from DragonCon 2006 (captured for all time in Michael & Evo’s Wingin’ It #75). Plus plenty more!

If you’ve somehow haven’t subscribed previously, or like me, had your feedcatcher break in the intervening time use this URL to subscribe:

Great to have you back Paul!

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