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Big Ideas - A TVO PodcastTV Ontario, the channel that brought us Prisoners Of Gravity is now podcasting the audio track from its terrific lecture show Big Ideas. The most recent broadcast and podcast features SF author Robert J. Sawyer expounding on the virtues of Science Fiction (and the original Star Trek) and the vices of Star Wars. Have a listen |MP3| to his 40 minute lecture and be blown away! RJS’ analysis is solid, and his delivery is absolutely Shatnerian. Also under the microscope are the film of Planet Of The Apes and novelist Michael Crichton. Here’s the official description:

“Author Robert J. Sawyer explains how Hollywood’s approach to science fiction, starting with George Lucas’s Star Wars, has dulled the edge that made science fiction such a pertinent film genre. Sawyer disects the problematic aspects of the original Star Wars film and shows how science fiction books continue to tackle difficult issues while their big screen counterparts take the easy road of big explosions and small ideas.”

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Hunter’s Planet Of The Apes Archive features Power Records

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Hunter's Planet Of the Apes ArchiveHunter Goatley, a self confessed “lifelong fan of Planet Of The Apes,” has an impressively large POTA website that features multimedia files contributed by Apes fans from around the world. Quite frankly the site features more Planet Of The Apes content than you could shake a damn-dirty paw at, but standing fully-erect among them are some MP3 versions of the venerable Power Records POTA adaptations. Included in this collection are 4 of the 5 apes movies, and 4 apes-TV show adaptations. Listed below are the raw MP3s, but more visually-oriented simians may wish to peruse the site itself in order to look at the accompanying books or even print out the printable .PDFs of CD Jewel case art!

Power Records - Planet Of the Apes

Apes Movies:

Planet Of The Apes |MP3|
Beneath The Planet Of The Apes |MP3|
Escape from Planet Of The Apes |MP3|
Battle for the Planet Of The Apes |MP3|

Apes TV Series:

“Battle Of Two Worlds” |MP3|
“Dawn Of The Tree People” |MP3|
“Mountain Of The Delphi” |MP3|
“Volcano” |MP3|