New FREE AUDIOBOOK: Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Colors Of Space

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A new LibriVox title has piqued our interest. It’s Marion Zimmer Bradley’s 1963 novel The Colors Of Space. Sadly, this is not the ideal audio version of it as it has multiple readers – who seem to have randomly chosen their chapters. I think the ethos of LibriVox is absolutely wonderful, but the output, especially in cases like this seems more geared towards project completion and narrator convenience rather than listener preference. That said, the audiobook is 100% free and very easily downloadable either by a Zipped Folder full of MP3s, singly in individual file of MP3 or OGG Vorbis formats and by the podcast feed (including a one click iTunes subscription).

LibriVox audiobook - The Colors Of Space by Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Colors Of Space
By Marion Zimmer Bradley; Read by various readers
15 zipped MP3 Files or podcast – 5 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Published: July 29th 2007
Bart Steele, a Space Academy graduate, has the potential to gain the secret of an alien “warp drive”, a super-fast technology for interstellar travel. He’ll have to get some surgery, and spy upon an alien race to do it but he’s . lucky because by a bit of genetic quirk Bart can see a wider optical range than ordinary humans. Still, countless human spies have already failed to gain the secret.

You can get the entire novel in podcast form, via this handy url:

7th Son Book Three Premieres Saturday

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J.C. Hutchins' 7th Son Book 3JC Hutchins is one big tease. The entire month of June podcasters
all over the internet world played their interviews with the man (this podcaster included) to help promote the third book release. I listened to several of them, and it was tons of fun. I loved all the different perspectives all of the different shows came from, based on what their shows are about. I swear, if you want to become a total JC Hutchins expert (or perhaps a stalker), here is a list of just a few of the podcasts he’s had interviews with:

Barely Podcasting (in 4 parts, then will put up the entire interview)
Strangely Literal
Tag in the Seam
Tvindy Time
Love Long and Prosper
The Sci Phi Show
Update: Muse With Me
Update: The Gigcast
Update: Better Late Than Never
Update: Murder at Avedon Hill
Update: Sonic Society
Update: Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy

This was just off the top of my head. If you did an interview and want it listed- let me know and I’d be more than happy to add it!

What’s next on this big tease leading up to the premiere of Book Three? Well, today episode Zero was posted! What is Episode Zero? Why, The Story So Far!

Tomorrow (Thursday) JC is having a Clone Line Q&A chat, and rumor has it that anyone who joins in for the chat will get a very special bonus… Friday is the big launch party in Second Life, then holy MOLY Saturday is the day!

Update: Chapter’s One and Two are out, and trust me, it does not disappoint! JC has also put up the entire audio from the Clone Line Q&A up in his podcast feed. Hours of fanatical 7th Son listening awaits!

If you have not subscribed to the 7th Son Novel yet, all you have to do is paste this feed into your podcatcher:

You can also get Book 1:Descent and Book 2: Deceit separately through It’s also a perfect route to take if you just want straight story, with no extra-podcast frills and chat.

Podiobook Chat goes in-depth with Tee Morris author Billibub Baddings

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Podcast - Podiobook ChatPodiobook Chat has a terrific interview with the dynamic and sagacious podcasting legend Tee Morris. Host Chris Moody talks to Tee about his novels and especially about his latest, which wrapped up recently: Billibub Baddings And The Case Of The Singing Sword, is Tee’s Hardboiled Fantasy/Mystery. You can hear the interview |MP3| and download the complete podcast of Billibub through Chris has also posted a special “web only” |MP3| episode with Tee, which means it isn’t available on the podcast feed. That one’s a raw unedited continuation of their conversation with lots of dead-air and such, but getting more Tee always has its charms.

The Podiobook Chat podcast feed is here:

Jesse Willis

BOLO: Podiobook Chat (AKA Podioboook Chats)

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Podcast - Podiobook ChatPodiobook Chat is a podcast interviewing podcasting novelists and other podibookers, especially those types who’ve made use of Host Chris Moody rounds up all the usual suspects, getting interviews with, Scott Sigler, Mur Lafferty, Matthew Wayne Selznick, more. But he’s also got a few new perpetrators, some authors you’ve never heard get grilled before.

Shows that you should be on the look out for, in this respect, include show #7 Kimberly Steele (author of Forever Fifteen) |MP3|, show #9 John Lenahan (author of Shadowmagic) |MP3|, and show #10 Phil Rossi (author of Crescent) |MP3|.

Podiobook addicts should subscribe to the podcast feed, listed below:

Jesse Willis, has finally finished beta-test…

Online Audio Banner, has finally finished beta-testing and has now OFFICIALLY launched! In honor of this, they’ve added two more speculative fiction related podcast novels to the roster:'s How To Disappear CompletelyHow To Disappear Completely
By Myke Bartlett
Which bills itself as… “part film noir detective story, part fantasy adventure, part East End gangster tale.”'s Amber Page And The Legend Of The Coral Stone Amber Page And The Legend Of The Coral Stone
By Stacey Cochran
By the numbers this podiobook has… “1 creepy old man, 27 exploding cars, 4 gunfights, 2 car chases, 1 cruise ship, 5 evil bad guys, 1 school bus, 1 fiery Harley-Davidson motorcycle, 2 massive earthquakes, 1 tropical Hawaiian Island, 1 super-evil criminal organization known as the S.H.R.O.U.D., and 1 broken family that must come to love one another again…”

Check it out!