Beam Me Up for Christmas

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Podcast - Beam Me UpPaul Cole from the Beam Me Up radio show/podcast sez of his latest show (Episode 84 Beam Me Up):

“This week I am running two “Christmas stories” – dark as they might be.”

And they are indeed dark! Have a listen |MP3|.

By Shaun Saunders; Read by Paul Cole

Fear Itself
By Lewis Shiner; Read by Paul Cole

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KFAI’s Sound Affects airs The Case Of The Disappearing Witch

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Online Audio - Radio Show - Sound Affects A Radio PlaygroundSound Affects: A Radio Playground will be airing a ZBS radio drama entitled The Case Of The Disappearing Witch on its next broadcast. The show can be heard via live streaming on Sundays and is also broadcast on the radio in the Minneapolis/St. Paul. region – 90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 FM St. Paul. Even better, the program is archived on the KFAI website for two weeks after the broadcast.

Radio Drama - The Case Of The Disappearing WitchThe Case Of The Disappearing Witch
By Meatball Fulton; Performed by a full cast
Radio Broadcast – [RADIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster: KFAI / Sound Affects
Broadcast: November 4th 2007 @ 9:30-10:30 PM (Central Time)
In a little theatre, off off off Broadway, Simon Gray is attempting to direct a production of Macbeth, but every actress that plays Witch #3, disappears. Simon calls in his old friend, Mojo Sam. When Mojo sees an actress vanish before his eyes, he brings in Little Frieda, a girl who looks about 12 years old, wears pigtails that rise straight up in the air when she senses danger, smokes Havana cigars, and has no pupils in her eyes. She can see thought forms. When she finally talks Simon into allowing her to play Witch #3, Little Frieda also disappears, in fact, right on stage, “Poof!” she’s gone. But then, in the Realm of the Muse, Little Frieda meets the real Witch #3, and she is sizzling mad and out for revenge.

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New Streaming Radio channel: Ad Astra Radio

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Ad Astra RadioAd Astra Radio is a new streaming radio network devoted to “science fiction entertainment” it premiered October 17th, 2007.

The station seeks to provide programs talking about “science fiction, fantasy, comics, role playing gaming and video gaming, Japanese animation (Anime), spaceflight and hard science.” Interestingly the press release also sez this: “Do NOT expect any radio talk programs on alien abductions or UFO sightings. DO expect talk programs that focus on the entertainment industry’s greatest product, escapism addressed as fantasy- be it an X-Men movie, a Harry Potter novel or an episode of Battlestar Galactica.”

Shows already on the schedule include:

That Sci-fi Show: Fridays (6pm), Saturdays (4am and 2pm), Sundays (12 Midnight, 10am and 8pm) and Mondays (6am).

Sci-Fi Overdrive: Saturdays (2am, 12 Noon and 10 pm), Sundays (8am and 6pm) and Mondays (4am)

Comic Age Now: Fridays (8pm), Saturdays (6am and 4pm), Sundays (2am, 12 Noon and 10pm) and Mondays (8am).

Gaming This Week: Saturdays (12 Midnight, 10am and 8pm), Sundays (6am and 4pm) and Mondays (2am).

Anime Rewind: Fridays (10pm), Saturdays (8am and 6pm), Sundays (4am and 2pm) and Mondays (12 Midnight).

The Con Suite: Mondays (10am).

I’ve listened, if you’re someone who wants a genre related chatter in the background, at work say, there’s plenty of interesting interviews on tap. But, as someone used to commercial free radio, podcasts and audiobooks, I found the regular interruption by commercials annoying.

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The Sonic Society: Pulpy, Mysterious, Funny

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The Sonic SocietySeason 3 of The Sonic Society, is well under way, their latest, and possibly greatest episode to date! Have a listen |MP3|.

This ep showcases Broken Sea‘s pulpy adventure series Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter. Scripting for JS: MH is well researched, and very fun. The two episodes included are from the second story arc entitled Jake Sampson And The Tears Of Ra. It is a supernatural tale primarily set in 1920s Egypt. Personally I could do without the footsteps in echoing corridors but other than that this is a highly recommended listen.

Also included in this show is the third episode of the increasingly mysterious audio drama from New Zealand. The show is called Claibourne Claybourne, it feels like a Kiwi version of Twin Peaks. It is quite slick. but I can’t seem to find a website or much information about the program on the web though. Anybody know more about Claibourne? Claybourne‘s own podcast can be found HERE, where it has already concluded with Episode 96!*

Also on tap in this show is the funniest listen ever heard on The Sonic Society, a skit from “wacko parody/absurdist/topical/musical/slapstick radio sketch comedy project” called Wasted Tape. It has nothing to do with Science Fiction, Fantasy, or even Horror but I think you’ll dig it anyway. The subject of the WT players’ jocularity: An all male cast of The Vagina Monologues.

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Radio Drama Revival’s Month of HORROR AUDIO DRAMA

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Radio Drama RevivalThe WMPG radio show (and podcast) Radio Drama Revival airs a series of truly terrifying theater throughout October! If you live in the Portland, Maine area turn your FM dial to 90.9/104.1 Thursdays 1PM EST. If not, have a listen to the podcast feed or download the shows manually from the show’s website. Host Fred Greenhalgh has packed his Halloween month shows “to the gory brim” with a mountain of haunting tales. The broadcasts culminate in a three-part live radio drama event to be held on “All Hallow’s Eve.”

The fright fest kicked off earlier this week (October 4th) during WMPG’s “Begathon” pledge drive with…

Based on a story by William Hope Hodgson
Broadcaster & Podcaster: Radio Drama Revival
Broadcast & Podcast: October 4th 2007
Produced by: Mind’s Eye Productions
An unsettling tale of a ghost ship found afloat deep in the ocean.

In the coming two weeks:

(Oct 11, Oct 18) will feature an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s

Based on the novel by Mary Shelley
2 Broadcasts – [RADIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster & Podcaster: Radio Drama Revival
Broadcast & Podcast: October 4th 2007
Produced by Quicksilver Radio Theater

October 25th:

If You Take My Hand My Son
By Mort Castle
1 Broadcast – [RADIO DRAMA]

Halloween night (airing between 8:30 and 10PM EST):

The Statement of Randolph Carter
Based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft

God of the Razor
By Joe Lansdale

Dark Passenger
By Frederick Greenhalgh

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Beam Me Up podcasts a Harry Harrison short story The Repairman

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Podcast - Beam Me UpBeam Me Up, has an very fun reading of a vintage Harry Harrison story called The Repairman. in the latest show (Episode 69). The short first appeared in Galaxy magazine’s February 1958 issue. The host of the Beam Me Up podcast/radio show, Paul Cole, describes the story as a “If anything a precursor to [Harrison’s] Stainless Steel Rat character.” It also features an early description of the concept of hyperspace and hyperspace beacons. The same idea and term were used on Babylon 5 – the idea being, without beacons, ships would drift endlessly through featureless hyperspace, unable to discern their location relative to real space. I very much enjoyed this tale too, it’s sharp, funny and well read.

The Repairman by Harry HarrisonThe Repairman
By Harry Harrison; Read by Ron Huber
1 |MP3| – Approx. 27 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Podcaster: Beam Me Up
Podcast: September 2007
The Mark III Hyperspace Beacon was the earliest type of beacon ever built–by Earth, no less. It was located on one of the Proxima Centauri planets, and it wasn’t working. This was one of those jobs when being an interstellar trouble-shooter wouldn’t have been so bad–if he could have shot the trouble!

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