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Podcast - Noircast SpecialShannon Clute and Richard Edwards’ have a new website that showcases their two terrific noir related podcasts. is the name, and noir movies and books are their game. Their latest joint podcast is the “Noircast Special #2” in which Clute and Edwards talk to Tee Morris about the wildly popular podiobook Billibub Baddings And The Case Of The Singing Sword. Also on the roster in this special are interviews with Kevin Burton Smith of the irreplaceable website and Seth Harwood hardboiled podcast pioneer of the podiobook novel Jack Wakes Up. Download the whole show |MP3| or visit the website and subscribe to either, or both, of the podcasts.

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Hilarious Billibub Baddings Podcast Novel Promos And Teasers

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{Podcast / Podiobook - Billibub Baddings And The Case Of The Singing Sword by Tee MorrisPromos are a staple of podcasting, the idea behind a promo is that you make a little audio advertisement for your podcast and send it to other podcasters in the hopes they will include it in their podcast. And usually they do. Promos are often exchanged – if you play a promo it is only courteous to play the promo of the podcaster who played yours. Most promos follow a standard formula: Give a taste of what the show is like, give the podcast’s URL give the URL again. In the case of Tee Morris though, there’s a whole new level of fun happening. His recent promos and teasers are more than just advertising, they are entertainment in themselves. Tee gets other podcast novelists to play themselves in little scenarios getting taken out by a mobster voiced by Tee. If the promos and teasers are anything to go by the podcast novel Billibub Baddings And The Case Of The Singing Sword will rule. Check out the fun for yourself:

Teaser 1: |MP3| Sigler vs. Hutchins Teaser

Teaser 2: |MP3| Sigler & Hutchins getting Whacked again Teaser

Promo 1: |MP3| “Respect for Family” Promo

Promo 2: |MP3| “Fancy-pants Jenkins” Promo (PG-Rated Version) or R-Rated Version |MP3|

And you can have a listen to the first episode of the actual novel too |MP3|.

Get in early, subscribe the the official Billibub feed with this URL:

Billibub Baddings Podcast Novel– Special Preview

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{Podcast / Podiobook - Billibub Baddings And The Case Of The Singing Sword by Tee MorrisA special preview by Tee Morris of his book, Billibub Baddings And The Case Of The Singing Sword. This podcast novel is scheduled to appear on Podiobooks in February. But Tee is giving a special holiday gift to his fans.

Tee’s podcast The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy is offering up this 53:22 beginning of this podcast novel with a Dwarf named Billibub Baddings in gangland Chicago.

Download the [MP3]

or subscribe to the The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy by pasting this line in your favorite podcatching device:

Billibub Baddings Podcast Novel preparing to Launch

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{Podcast / Podiobook - Billibub Baddings And The Case Of The Singing Sword by Tee MorrisThe original podcast novelist is set to STRIKE AGAIN soon!

Tee Morris, co-author of Morevi: The Chronicles Of Rafe and Askana, and the first podcast novelist in the history of this universe is planning on podcasting his 2004 novel Billibub Baddings And The Case Of The Singing Sword. The first teaser |MP3| is out already, and the actual novel should start sometime in the early New Year, likely February. Here’s the hook:

“Chicago, 1929. There are a thousand stories in the naked city; and when you’re a dwarf at four-foot-one, they all look that much taller.” It is The Era of Prohibition, where crime runs rampant in the streets and a city divided into territories serves as the ultimate prize. Somewhere in this Underworld of Chicago, an enchanted weapon holds the key to ending The Gangland Wars. In the wake of The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, only one is man enough to stand up against Al Capone… …a four-foot-one dwarf named Billibub Baddings. “Billi,” as his friends come to know him, is a working stiff dwarf in the all too-human sized world of Chicago. Seems that a brood of orcs and a renegade warlock had opened a Portal of Oblivion in his homeworld and was planning to submerge his nine lands of Acryonis into an Age of Darkness. Billi had managed to throw a monkey wrench into those plans…but not before getting himself caught in the pull of that portal. When he came to, he found himself in the heart of The Windy City during The Roaring Twenties. After dealing with trolls, goblins, and rock dragons, Al Capone and Bugs Moran are about as intimidating as choir boys. Billi sets himself up as a tough-talking, waist-high, straight-dealing detective, and business was looking bleak, until a dark-eyed beauty crossed his threshold with the case that involved the mob, the upper-crust of Chicago society, and Billi’s past. Get ready for The Lord of the Rings written by Mickey Spillane! Poking fun at the hard-boiled detective novel, Fantasy mainstays, and even the legend of Chicago’s 1920 underworld!

Tee’s first novel was abridged, but no word has yet been leaked as to whether this will be an UNABRIDGED or ABRIDGED podiobook. Let’s hope for the former!, though still in BETA, is growing…

Online Audio, though still in BETA, is growing like a baby hippo on steroids! More than a dozen podcast novels are currently available and more are on the way. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror titles still predominate, but a few non-fiction and other genre titles are creeping in, including the delightful geek essays of Mur Lafferty. Here’s a snapshot of the current titles that are official Podiobooks:

Aliens and Satanic Creatures Wanted: Humans Need Not Apply by Tony Ruggiero

AmerIndian 2192 by J. Scott Garibay

Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznick

Come, Let Me Whisper by Russell L. Burt

EarthCore by Scott Sigler

Lessons From A Geek-Fu Master by Mur Lafferty

Morevi: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana by Tee Morris and Lisa Lee

Noggle Stones by Wil Radcliffe

Spherical Tomi: A Novel of Despair by Jack Mangan

The Pocket and the Pendant by Mark Jeffrey

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Tom Corven by Paul Story

Tee Morris, Fantasy author and gonzo podcaster h…


The Survival Guide To Writing Fantasy PodcastTee Morris, Fantasy author and gonzo podcaster has scooped an interview with Robert J. Sawyer for The Survival Guide To Writing Fantasy podcast. This is a great pairing, both Tee and Rob are success oriented authors with great marketing chops. Check it out HERE or subscribe to Tee’s podcast through iTunes. Especially cool is the talk about the marketing of Rob’s first novel, Golden Fleece, one of the best Science Fiction / Mystery novels not available as an audiobook.