2 Seeing Ear Theatre plays, and an Asimov short story podcast + MORE

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Pirate TV Theatre Classic Radio DramaDiscovered this cool podcast in the iTunes podcast directory… Pirate TV Theatre Classic Radio Drama is an unwieldy name for a podcast with this much terrific audio content. Some of it is classic Radio Drama, some of it is more modern Audio Drama (Radio Drama that was never broadcast on radio), none of it is “TV” and some of it is audiobook. The site itself doesn’t allow direct downloads (only online listening) but if you subscribe to the podcast you can access all of the following in the ubiquitous MP3 format…

Included in the feed are radio drama episodes from:

Suspense (The Dunwich Horror by H.P. Lovecraft)

Dimension X (includes The Green Hills Of Earth by Robert A. Heinlein and First Contact by Murray Leinster, plus more)

X Minus 1 (includes Surface Tension by James Blish, and Colony by Philip K. Dick, plus many more)

By Ray Bradbury; Performed by a full cast
(a 1996 BBC4 Radio Drama, part of the “Tales of the Bizarre” series, introduced by Bradbury himself)

As well as two Seeing Ear Theatre audio dramas:

Murder Mysteries
By Neil Gaiman; Performed by a full cast
(a Seeing Ear Theatre audio drama in two parts)

Orson The Alien! The Untold Story Behind The War Of the Worlds
By Terry Bisson, Brian Smith and George Zarr; Performed by a full cast
(a Seeing Ear Theatre audio drama)

And one story from an audiobook:

It’s Such A Beautiful Day
By Isaac Asimov; Read by Ed Bishop
(from a 1986 audiobook in two parts – from defunct audiobook publisher Listen For Pleasure)

Plug this podcast feed into your podcatcher to get started:


Or, visit the site and listen online – where you’ll find plenty more, including:

The Caves Of Steel
By Isaac Asimov; Performed by a full cast
(The 1989 radio dramatization that aired on BBC Radio 4)

AUDIO ROUNDUP: Masters Of Science Fiction

SFFaudio Online Audio

Masters Of Science FictionMasters Of Science Fiction aired its first episode last night on ABC stations in the USA. We’ve got all the audio dope on this video program…

HERE‘s an audio recording from NPR and TV critic David Bianculli talking about the show. What makes this series so intriguing is that it is using actual Science Fiction stories (GASP!) for its episodes…

The first tale was based on John Kessel’s A Clean Escape (which was previously adapted into a Seeing Ear Theatre Original Playhouse audio drama (no longer available online). Hardcopies of this audio drama can be found in an out of print collection, available on ABEBooks.com (and one is currently on on ebay.com):

Seeing Ear Theater, Volume 1
By Terry Bisson, Brian Smith, James Patrick Kelly, Allen Steele, John Kessel and Gregory Benford
FULL CAST PRODUCTIONS with introductions by Harlan Ellison
2 Cassettes – Approx 3 hrs. [UNABRIDGED DRAMATIZATIONS]
ISBN: 0787118133
Date Published 1998
Published by Dove Audio

Stories Included:
“They’re Made Out of Meat”
“The Toxic Donut”
Into The Sun by Brian Smith
Think Like a Dinosaur by James Patrick Kelly
The Death of Captain Future by Allen Steele
A Clean Escape by John Kessel
The Bigger One by Gregory Benford

Also, BuddyTV.com has an |MP3| interview with Sam Waterson about his role in the Masters Of SF first episode A Clean Escape (and irreverently about his role on Law and Order).

More, WUNC in North Carolina has a terrific radio interview |MP3| with Kessel about the adaptation of his short story A Clean Escape to TV.

New Releases

SFFaudio New Releases

Five new titles have been released recently – we haven’t heard any of these in yet, but if you have, let us know what you think of them!

Infinivox Science Fiction Audiobook - Second SkinSecond Skin
By Paul J. McAuley; Read by Jared Doreck
MP3 Download or 1 CD – 64 minutes
Publisher: Infinivox
Published: March 2007
ISBN: 1884612555
The spy fell toward Proteus in a thin transparent bubble of carbon, wearing a paper suit and trussed up in a cradle of smart cabling like an early Christian martyr. Somewhere down there was Ben Lo’s wife. But he musn’t think of that. If he did…No, he couldn’t remember. Something bad, though. This space opera is part of the author’s Quiet War series.

Terra NovaTerra Nova
By Tom Williams; Read by ????
MP3 Download- Approx. 13.5 Hours [UNABRIDGED?]
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books / Fictionwise.com
Published: March 2007
ISBN: 1587491338
Humanity is all but annihilated by a mysterious, alien race, known as the Enemy. Military pilot Mikael Svensson narrowly escapes destruction, only to land on the paradise planet Terra Nova. He seeks to do the impossible: oust the enemy from Terra Nova.

Fictionwise - True CaderiTrue Caderi
By Michelle Levigne; Read by ????
MP3 Download – Approx. 9 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books / Fictionwise.com
Published: March 2007
ISBN: 1584293098
A ruthless pirate of space, Adlan Caderi, searches for his long lost daughter, Qinda, and seeks to use her special mind talents, unique to a race of female pilots known as Leapers, to dominate the universe. However, Qinda, unaware of her Leaper talents, and her husband and infant son are fleeing their own enemy, Haynash, who also wants Qinda for her special genetics. To escape Haynash, Qinda seperates from her husband and son only to become Caderi’s unwilling guest. Qinda must find a way to reunite her family, escape Haynash and decide if she will aid in her father’s quest for domination by becoming a true Caderi.

Over Flat MountainOver Flat Mountain
By Terry Bisson; Read by Alec Rowell
1 MP3 Download – 34 Minutes 4 Seconds [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Fictionwise.com / ElectricStory.com
Published: February 2007
“CD” is one of those few bold truckers who make the run over Flat Mountain, a gigantic peak that thrusts beyond the atmosphere in what had once been the Appalachians.

Heaven - Season Two: HellHeaven – Season Two: Hell
By Mur Lafferty; Read by Mur Lafferty
Publisher: Podiobooks.com
Completed: March 2007
Kate and Daniel are reunited at last, but they have to return to their
duties in traveling the afterlife. There are stolen souls suffering
without cause in Hell, and only they can help. Kate is back in her
corporeal body, but keeping memories of her time as pure soul energy,
recently touched by the divine. Daniel carries the magic of an old god
and the sword of a death goddess, as well a grudge against the deity
who tricked him into losing nearly everything. As they search for the
missing souls, Kate and Daniel have to come to terms with themselves
and see if their friendship – not to mention the cosmos – can handle
everything they’ve been through thus far.

New Releases

SFFaudio New Releases

Newcomer ElectricStory.com (through Fictionwise.com) has a Hugo and Nebula award winning story for just $0.99…

Science Fiction Audiobook - Bears Discover Fire by Terry BissonBears Discover Fire
By Terry Bisson; Read by Alec Rowell
1 MP3 Download – 27 Minutes 35 Seconds [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Fictionwise.com / ElectricStory.com
Published: February 2007
Listen to an MP3 sample
The title pretty much says it. Whether because of climate change or some even more mysterious cause, bears have discovered fire. This affords the Southern-gentleman narrator new opportunities to teach his nephew about life, death, and how, more than ever, “it’s best not to alarm bears.” This audiobook comes bundled with an afterword read by Bisson himself at RustyCon 2007.

Fantasy Audiobook - The New Moon's Arms by Nalo HopkinsonThe New Moon’s Arms
By Nalo Hopkinson; Read by Gin Hammond
8 CDs – 10 Hours 15 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: BBC Audiobooks America
Published: February 2007
ISBN: 0792747356
Listen to an MP3 sample
What’s in a name? A lot, according to Caribbean-born Chastity, who has adopted the more fitting moniker Calamity. Now in her fifties, true to her name, Calamity is confronting two big life transitions: Her beloved father has just died, and she is starting menopause, a physical shift that has rekindled her special gift for finding lost things. Suddenly she is getting hot flashes that seem to forge objects out of thin air. Only this time, the lost item that has washed up on the shore is not her old toy truck or her hairbrush, but a 4-year-old boy.