Prisoners of Gravity

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Prisoners of Gravity is a television show that originally ran on TVOntario from 1989-1994. It is a wonderful show full of science fiction and fantasy author interviews in a very entertaining format. Each show has a topic, like “Heroes and Superheroes”, “Collaborations”, and “Robots and Artificial Intelligence”. Commander Rick, the host, plays pre-recorded segments of various author interviews where they comment on the topic in question. It is an excellent show.

But it is a television show, and this site is devoted to audio. Though I think such a show would be FANTASTIC on audio (even this show would be great heard and not watched), it’s not available. What is available are a few audio clips on Signal Loss, a beautiful site dedicated to the show.

I wish Prisoners of Gravity was still on and I wish I could see reruns of past shows in the United States. Short of that, I wish I could download the audio from the shows to listen to in my MP3 player. Thanks for the site!

Posted by Jesse Willis