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Tantor MediaTantor Media has a new limited time FREE MP3 download of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells!

You will need to have an account, and to login. Start by clicking HERE. Accounts are free and should not require a credit card. The free audiobook should be available through May 31, 2011.

There was some bit of trouble the first couple of times we downloaded, but the zipped 99.4 MB file now works and downloads. You’ll of course need to be able to unzip the files too.

TANTOR MEDIA - The Time Machine by H.G. WellsThe Time Machine
By H.G. Wells; Read by Scott Brick
10 Zipped MP3 Files – Approx. 3 Hours 55 Minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Tantor Media
Published: 2002
Sample: |MP3|
“I’ve had a most amazing time…” So begins the Time Traveler’s astonishing firsthand account of his journey 800,000 years beyond his own era—and the story that launched H. G. Wells’s successful career and earned him the reputation as the father of science fiction. With a speculative leap that still fires the imagination, Wells sends his brave explorer to face a future burdened with our greatest hopes…and our darkest fears. A pull of the Time Machine’s lever propels him to the age of a slowly dying Earth. There he discovers two bizarre races—the ethereal Eloi and the subterranean Morlocks—who not only symbolize the duality of human nature but offer a terrifying portrait of the men of tomorrow as well.

First published in 1895, this masterpiece of invention captivated readers on the threshold of a new century. Thanks to Wells’s expert storytelling and provocative insight, The Time Machine will continue to enthrall readers for generations to come.

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