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Tantor MediaTantor Media has another limited time FREE MP3 download! This time it is Walden by Henry David Thoreau. This classic is a weirdly philosophical autobiography with fun words like: “cosmopolite” and “hokum”. Sez Tantor:

For your free download of Walden, please log in to your account
(consumer or library)—or create one.

After you’ve got an account (no credit card required), and you’ve signed in, do a search for “walden” or CLICK HERE, the link to the zipped folder full of 20 DRM free MP3s should be at the top. Here’s a screenshot:

Tantor FREE Walden OfferIn the email I got, it said the offer was in celebration of Earth Day (April 22), perhaps that is when the offer expires. It also had this funny (and almost mystifying) quote:

“A truly good book teaches me better than to [listen to] it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by [listening], I must finish by acting.”
—Henry David Thoreau

TANTOR MEDIA - Walden by Henry David ThoreauWalden
By Henry David Thoreau; Read by Mel Foster
20 Zipped MP3 Files – Approx. 11.5 Hours [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Tantor Media
Published: 05/05/2008
Sample: |MP3|
Walden is the classic account of two years spent by Henry David Thoreau living at Walden Pond near Concord, Massachusetts. The story is detailed in its accounts of Thoreau’s day-to-day activities, observations, and undertakings to survive out in the wilderness for two years. Thoreau’s journal is an exquisite account of a man seeking a more simple life by living in harmony with nature. In today’s fast-paced consumer-driven society, the austere lifestyle endorsed by Thoreau is as relevant and refreshing as ever.

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