Tantor Media is offering a FREE audiobook for feedback

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Tantor MediaHow does a great audiobook company celebrate its 10 year anniversary? How about giving away a free audiobook?

Indeed, so to promote their 10th anniversary, test out their newly redesigned website, and get some feedback on their new ordering system, Tantor Media is offering a FREE audiobook by mail!

To get your free audiobook it looks like you’ll need to peruse the newly redesigned website and fill out a questionnaire. After that they’ll send you the audiobook by mail.

That is, you’d get one of these…

TANTOR MEDIA - Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis CarrollTANTOR MEDIA - The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

…your choice of either H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine or Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

Now that’s a sweet deal. Happy 10th Tantor!

[via The Cimmerian blog]

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5 thoughts to “Tantor Media is offering a FREE audiobook for feedback”

  1. No it isn’t. Tantor Media has been licensing several Robert E. Howard texts from that company (Conan Properties International aka Paradox Entertainment) but Tantor itself has not threatened BrokenSea.

  2. BrokenSea was issued with a Cease and Desist demand by Conan Properties International (CPI). While the stories are in the public domain, CPI own the rights to all the characters REH created.

    The reason we were told to C&D is because they sold the audio book rights to Random House. This was after we were told we could have the rights to produce our audio dramas at no charge.

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  4. Becca Price, a member of audiodiversions.com’s audiobook email group sez:

    I spent some time playing around on their site, filled out their survey, and selected Alice as my free book.

    I don’t know what I expected, but I certainly got more than that. I got the full commercial version, in a nice hard case that came within days of my completing the survey.

    This version is read by Shelly Frasier, a narrator I’m not familiar with. I haven’t finished listening to the whole thing, but she reads the basic narration in an American voice, and the character’s voices with British accents.. not sure how successfully, but it’s not invasive in the small segment I’ve listened to. Not sure why this mix of accents was chosen, it strikes me as odd.

    If I still used a cd player rather than my iPod, I’d really like one big thing about this version: it’s tracked in 3 minuted increments. This makes finding your place when you stop/restart much easier. Since I do use my iPod, however, I join the tracks.

    so on the whole, I’m pleased and impressed with my free book, and might well look to Tantor for other books if I ever paid full price for a book, that is (I mostly get my books from audible or the library)

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